Young Hen Stopped Laying

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    Sep 15, 2012
    I'm hoping someone might have some advice for me (or reassurance).

    My young - 8 month old - Easter Egger hen stopped laying after a good run of about 40 eggs over the winter. She laid straight through from December and then paused, laid a couple more, skipped a day, laid one and then stopped completely. Her last egg was about a month ago on the 12th of Feb.

    She seems happy and perky, spends no time on the nest, seems to be eating and pooping well. The other two hens (a Plymouth Rock and a Blue Andalusian are both laying fine).

    She did have a couple of "broken" tail feathers and one black tail feather which became white tipped on her rump all of which she seems to have shed in the last week. She doesn't however look like she is molting and I've checked her for mites etc because her comb doesn't look red (though her face does).

    Any ideas of what else I should check?

    I'm pretty worried she may be internally laying (though she didn't lay any wind eggs or pass anything worrying).

    Sadly taking her to the vet isn't really an option... they are dreadfully expensive here in Berkeley :( even though she's my favorite lady... she make the sweetest noises and is always there to greet me when I am in the garden.

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