Young vs Old - how do you tell?

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8 Years
May 13, 2011
How would I tell if a 'young' rooster I bought is actually an 'older gentleman'? Are there physical attributes to watch for?

Or how do I know if someone is lying to me when we're negotiating a buy?
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Always check the spurs. Young roosters should have small nubby spurs and the color of the spur will match the leg color. Older roosters will of course have bigger spurs and they will darken with age. Even if the spurs are trimmed, look for diameter of the nub and its color. I always check ear lobes too. Combs and wattles can be big even on younger roosters, but I've noticed the ear lobes will typically grow according to age. You can also check the beak for wear and legs for a bright clean color. Just take a look at the over all bird you just see the youth in them. An old bird looks like an old bird.
Thank you Kane,

My rooster has small nubs rather than spurs but the rest of him looks like an old bird. Oh well, He is G.O.O.D. with the ladies so I'll keep him regardless.

But it's nice to know what to look for.


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