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8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
How to be more tolerant? You know the sort, the ones who have just turned 13 or started middle school, and are feeling like they rule the world. I might've been pretty smug at the time, but I honestly can't remember acting like I was so superior to the older girls when they tried to give me advice or include me in something they'd organised.
It's just a phase.
Grin and bear it while feeling a little sympathetic for them. And wish them fun for the future years of discovering themselves. It's up to the older, more mature girls like yourself to help guide and support them.
13 is a tough age.
13 is a hard age. Maybe spend some time alone with the less offensive ones? They may be trying to impress the older girls, but not doing a very good job.
I now look back and think I could've been a little less annoying, just for the sake of the people in my position right now.

Some of the kids on BYC remind me of them too. There's like a whole second community for me on here.
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bluesub: That's kinda what I reckon too, that they might be trying to impress the older girls. Oh well, bless their young hearts, one day maybe they'll be looking back and cringing at how annoying they were too.
Thirteen... The awkwardest of all awkward stages.
I remember that.
Anyway, I don't know if you can possibly avoid them, but if you can't, keep in mind that this is the age where they're just so sure that they're all grown up. If they make a mistake... Well, it'll come back to bite them in the backside later.
All sorts of trouble brewed when the group of us were 13, I assure you. Although we're all more level-headed now, how can we forget all the catfights and insults that were yelled willy-nilly back then. Oh joy, I sure do agree with the "come back to bite you" statement.
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