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May 31, 2009
Warning- the following story is gross!
I was out enjoying a nice day in the Back yard with my peeps (2 Buff orps, 2 brahmas & 3 new baby americaunas), when my cat, Sally decided to take care of some personal business. Poor Sally looked around cautiously & then proceeded. Meanwhile, one of my chickens, pecker, started running toward her. I could tell sally had experienced this before & was not happy about the intrusion & as soon as she was done, she took off like the road runner. Well Beaker could not wait to get over there & start eating the cat poo! then the others all came running too! I chased them all away & went into the house disgusted. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Should I worry about them? It doesn't seem like there's anything I can do about it.
No... but my dog eats cat poo, she's always trying to sneak it out of the litter box, so yes, she eats some litter too... and she's never died... it's really nasty, but I'm sure they'll be fine? I would try not to let them if ever possible.... cause it's gross. I have to give my dog kennel 'timeouts' when she eats it..... it's so nasty!!!
I personally never experienced this but a family friend of mine says she has a large run for her chickens because when she lets them free range they eat horse, dog, lamb and cat poop and she doesn't like the idea of that in her eggs which I can't blame her its a nasty thought.
yeah, I'm not as excited about eating their eggs anymore. I wish I could unsee that. I have heard that if you put red pepper flakes in an area, cats won't go there. Maybe I should try that.
I thought that everyone knew that if a chicken tries to eat something and it doesn' run away or bite back..... They usually finish eating it.

And that includes eating their best chicken friend's poop before another hen eats it !
EEEWWWW Double Yuck!!! LOL

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