Yucky Yolk


12 Years
Oct 1, 2007
Medina, OH
I have a Bantie, don't know which one, that is laying bad eggs. The eggs are usually the smallest eggs so maybe they are from my youngest?

Anyway, when I crack open the egg, part of the yolk is the normal color, texture, appearance. Then it seems like it's surrounded by a darker yellow and greasey looking substance.

I take the eggs daily and they go right in the frig so I guess they can't be 'spoiled'.

None of the banties appear sick. One sneezes but has no other signs of illness.

Any ideas?
Is there any way you can collect your eggs at different times or even seperate your girls to figure out which one it is? For instance, all my ducks lay either late p.m. or early, early a.m. before I wake, and my current laying hen lays right at 10 a.m. So, when my BR girls (who should be laying any day now) start laying, I'll be able to tell them from Caroline bases mainly on the time of when the egg is layed (unless of course they also lay @ 10 am.

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