Zero turn/ not turning eggs?

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    Mar 13, 2018
    Has anyone out there ever successfully done a zero turn hatch (where the eggs are incubated without turning)? I know there is the one specific article that exists, which is very compelling. I also looked through the threads a bit but haven't seen much on the topic from firsthand experience.

    I just hatched a batch of eggs doing zero turn, by accident, and wanted to share my experience. I'm also about to hatch a batch of expensive Crested Cream Legbars, and considering doing zero turn again, but was hoping to get some more feedback.

    In my recent zero turn hatch, I stole a ton of eggs out from under three hens that went broody and loaded them all into the incubator. I didn't candle, I didn't count, I didn't turn. This was the end of a majorly huge hatch season and I was just exasperated with hatching (did I mention I'm literally about to hatch again?? Lol). So I threw them in (several nests with eggs of all stages found and cleaned out and deposited over several days into the inc) and waited it out. After about 17 days, they started hatching, in total it took about 23 because apparently some eggs were just straight fresh. 11 hatched of 30, and I now wish I'd have done more to confirm their status since it seems the zero turn WORKED. However, I don't know how well it really worked since I don't know how many of the other eggs were duds, not viable, etc.

    So I guess what I'm asking for is, has anyone out there done zero turn hatches with more than about a 30-50% rate?
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    The most important days for turning are 2-8. So it sounds like since your eggs were under broodies that they may have gotten turned adequately enough before you put them in the incubator to hatch. If it was better to not turn them then birds in nature would not turn them. Lol. Since you are a Hatcher I’m sure you know the benefits of turning so I won’t get into all that. But consider that these eggs were being turned before you moved them.
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