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  1. Fanci Feathers Marans
    We are the leg-ends.

    Chat Thread:

    Role Play:

    Name: Fritz Lang
    Age: 16
    Height: 5' 6"
    Physical Identification: Brown hair, green eyes, athletic build, usually wears a t-shirt, ball cap, and jeans.
    Skill(s): Fire. He can create random flames just about anywhere. He can hold fire in his hands and you know, stuff like that. He's also invincible to heat.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): He has been known to spontaneously combust random objects... And people.
    Likes: Campfires, drawing, coffee, animals, hiking.
    Dislikes: School, people who don't like inhumans (obviously. :rolleyes: ), storms.
    Quirks: Trips over his own feet, clumsy, skittish sometimes.

    Name: Alice Fleur
    Age: 16
    Physical Identification: Dark short hair, chubby cheeks and freckles, blue eyes, Some how manages to pull off looking like a tomboy even in a dress. She wears makeup to make her self look just a bit more girly.

    Skill(s): Healing
    Drawbacks because of skill(s):
    Side effects on healed person: well you arent going to die of your injuries, but there is a massive adrenaline rush that goes with it so you may not be yourself for a few minutes.
    Side effects on Alice: After healing some one she is exhausted. However she's headstrong and will push herself to keep up.
    If she heals twice in one day she'll pass out.
    Her healing powers are not a cure all, serious injuries arent something she can heal 100% in one go.

    Likes: Her cousins and friends, likes orange juice more than is reasonable.
    Dislikes: Her parents nagging, mornings, being excluded.

    Quirks: Will dance in public places if the music is any good. And will try to make you join her if you try to make her stop.

    She's friendly but cautious of strangers. Gets herself into trouble a lot, trying to keep Bleddyn from getting into trouble. Usually breaking up fights by putting herself right in the middle. She's most interested in talking down the fighters, trying to convince them that it's all a joke. She has taken her fair share of hits.

    back story:
    As a child she was constantly being told to be careful not to hurt her self or others and that what ever her powers were she had to be aware of the dangers they posed. When she eventually discovered what her powers were on her own, she began to resent adults constantly telling her that when her powers appeared they needed to be carefully controlled. She disliked having people looking over her shoulder "checking in" to make sure she was "ok" more like being a good little inhuman.

    As she got older she got into all sorts of trouble with her friends taking on any dare no matter how dangerous. If she got hurt she just healed herself before anyone noticed. She had figured out that right after healing herself she had a burst of energy that would fade after a few minutes and then she had to rest. Which would give her enough time to casually find a place to sit down before anyone noticed.

    No one knows what her power is. Most people think she doesn't have one. Class mates mock her behind her back.

    (Just to clarify in case it isn't obvious she gets a burst of energy when she heals herself, she's never healed someone else before. but when she does she would not get that burst of energy. The healed person does.)
    @Rose Quartz

    Name: Toby Davis
    Age: 19
    Height: 4'7"
    Physical identification: He wears a medical ID necklace shaped like military dog tag hidden under his shirt. He has a small slit on top of his left ear.
    Skill(s): Shadow manipulation
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): it's hard for him to control it, & It's pretty weak unless he is really emotional, mainly angry/sad. The longer he uses them, the more corrupted he becomes, but he snaps back to normal soon after he stops using it.
    Likes: His jacket, dogs, personal space, musical instruments, video games, motorcycles.
    Dislikes: Cats, most people in his family, heights, hospitals, airplanes,
    Quirks: His mood can be unpredictable, & he is very impulsive. He's really good with medical and first aid problems. He has a service dog named Alpha. He's allergic to a lot things, including nuts & latex. He always wears a long sleeve shirt, mainly a sweater or his leather jacket, even when it's hot outside.
    Parents: Jenna

    Reason for being at school: he's a part time janitor
    Name: Jessi Davis
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'
    Physical appearance:
    Skill(s): she's part wyvern, can turn into a wyvern fully, can breathe fire when in wyvern form
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): She ruins her clothes when she turns into a wyvern, her wings constantly smack people on accident, especially when she turns around quickly, can't speak in wyvern form,
    Likes: her family, friends, all animals especially reptiles, food, flowers, flying, taking naps, chocolate, kids,
    Dislikes: bees, dragons, jeans, sweatshirts, tight spaces, elevators, kids,
    Quirks: She will eat absolutely anything, including raw meat, expired food, half eaten food, etc. She's really protective of anything she loves, whether it's real or fake. She's really nice, but if it comes down to it, she will not hesitate to kill you. She is mildly claustrophobic, and hates elevators.
    Parents: Rex & Jenna

    Indigo Alan
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'2"
    Physical Identification: tall and beautiful. Attracts attention wherever she goes. Large violet eyes, high cheekbones, slender, beautiful frame. Wavy black hair, like a black waterfall over her shoulders, creamy porcelain skin, full red lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Long thick lashes, no imperfections. Doesn't need makeup, or fancy clothes. Dressed up modest she's already among the most beautiful in the world. Looks good in red and violet.
    She will become more beautiful as she ages.
    @Fanci Feathers Marans draw her I don't have the skill to draw beautiful people.
    Skill(s): she's enchanting, literally. You literally can't say no to her.
    Seems to get money without asking for a raise, in her boss's efforts to please her. Nearly impossible to resist her whims and men follow her around and gaze.
    Not powerful on her own, but good to have on your side.
    And bad to have on the other's side.

    Not just persuasion though. She is resistant to work of her kind working on her own head, and has a soothing voice. A good therapist who can deal with the worst trauma in a patient.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): men following her around like she is the smell of bacon.
    Likes: privacy and other people if they don't treat her weird. Cats. Tea. Would love to be part of something. Goldfish.
    Dislikes: coffee. Songs getting stuck in her head. People following her. Cheeze-its.
    She worries people only like her for her power. Better liked than other people with powers because they only thing that shows is beauty.
    Can cock and eyebrow. (Unlike me.)
    Plays with her hair.
    Serious but friendly.
    Has an impeccable British accent. I wonder why.....
    Most people don't have the skill to notice her power, but are drawn to her.

    Her reason for being at school. Interested in other "gifted" like her so she wants to meet them.
    Name: Sherri
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'4"
    Physical Identification:
    For now, lets just say cute freckled redhead neko with big green eyes.
    Will draw.
    Skill(s): Is a neko. Can transform into a cat. Her clothes appear back on, miraculously.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s):
    Cats don't have color vision, and it comes with her cat form. Cats are small and sometimes get chased by dogs. Her cat ears are very sensitive to noises in both forms. Her tail is very awkward to sit on in human form. And if someone grabs it, you are not going anywhere.
    Likes: cats, people, food, movies outside, everything. Popular in her school compared to other Inhumans. I mean, compared to the scarier, more dangerous powers, who wouldn't want to be friends with someone part cat.
    Dislikes: dogs. Not dog people, but who can blame her if she doesn't like dogs?
    Quirks: she's open, friendly, fun. Popular from being nice (ok, and pretty), not money.

    Name: Lachlan (Of the lake) Tamhas (Twin) Loson
    Age: 16
    Height: 6 feet
    Physical Identification: Human form: Wavy brown; almost black hair, light skin, brightest green eyes you've ever seen, multiple scars on his arms from random accidents, likes to wear things like blues and grey.
    Skill(s): Shapeshifter- 4 forms- Can become a silver wolf, a hooded crow, or a bobcat, all having green eyes. Oddly when he shifts back, luckily for him, his clothes are on him and not shredded.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Identification: In all his forms, he keeps his bright green eyes and his scars. Personality: In all his animal forms, if inside a building or something like that, he becomes nervous and claustrophobic and mainly just wants out. When in wolf form, he always want to be with other people. In bobcat form he just wants to be away from people, and when with people becomes aggravated. Flying: He's just an all round terrible flyer. Most of his scars came from crash lands.
    He also can't talk to humans when in animal forms.
    Family: Finlay Loson (Twin brother) River Katrina Loson (Mother) Zen Loson (Father) Thomas Fleur (Uncle) Tayn Fleur (Aunt) Alice Fleur (Cousin) Camilla Fleur (Cousin)
    Likes: Animals, his family, snow, winter, autumn, hiking, soccer, his pet black Schnauzer named Scorch.
    Dislikes: Crowded areas, bullies, anyone who picks on Finlay or their cousins, landing after a flight, his terrible flying skills, and he hates needles
    Quirks: He is very kind, he is quite close to Finlay and his cousins, he's highly protective,
    Username: @RiverStorm
    Name: Camilla Darcy Fleur (Camilla: Servant for the temple; free-born; noble, Darcy: Dark, Fleur: Flower)
    Aliases: Cardinal (By: Almost everyone), Fiery-Ice (By: Lachlan),
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'7
    Physical Identification: Shoulder length wavy fiery red hair, grey eyes, pale skin, scar on her chin from a bicycle accident as a child, usually wears t-shirts with a denim jacket and jeans, wears tennis shoes
    Skill(s): Able to make ice and snow from her hands
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Accidentally freezes things, gets picked on for not looking like a normal ice bender, and whenever she freezes something large, it drains her energy, but she can easily freeze small things.
    Family: Thomas Fleur (Father), Tayn Fleur (Mother), Alice Fleur (Older sister), Lachlan Tamhas Loson (Older cousin), Finlay Loson (Older cousin), River Katrina Loson (Aunt), Zen Loson (Uncle), Ash Asfaw (Aunt), Connor Asfaw (Uncle), Bledynn Asfaw (Older cousin),
    Likes: Spring, autumn, most animals, her best friends (And relatives) Alice, Lachlan, Finlay, and Bledynn
    Dislikes: Cats, a large percentage of people, summer, winter,
    Quirks: Twirls her hair, she's very snarky and loyal, almost always hanging out with either Lachlan or Bledynn
    Username: @RiverStorm

    Name: Bleddyn (Hero Wolf in Old Welsh) Asfaw
    Parents: Connor Asfaw and Ash Smith.
    Yuuuuup, that cute shapeshifter who threw her in the ocean came back for a second chance...:lol:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'6"
    Physical Identification: Drawing a simple pic of her.

    Typically clad in a hoodie, jeans, and baseball cap. Dirty blonde wavy hair that reaches down to just above her waist; hates spending time on personal hygiene, so it's constantly tangled. Adorable dimples from her father that she despises, and she also got his wide, electric blue eyes; Mom's freckles sprinkle her face liberally. Fit, but not beanstalk-skinny. Every area of skin on her body is adorned with at least one scar.
    Heck, yeah, she's a tomboy. :lol:
    Skill(s): Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And it's killing her.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Painful normality
    Personality: Her outlook on life shoots from intensely dark to brilliantly bright, there's no between. Recklessly impulsive- no looking before she leaps here. Doesn't quite practice submission to authority, so you'll often find her in the principal's office for brazen contradiction. Most comfortable when she's in charge, but flexible if her determined superior has her idea of valid leadership qualities. Has a strong drive for anything she puts her mind to, and she'll go to obsessive lengths to satisfy herself. Literally cannot back down from a dare. Often finds herself in a verbal, physical, or mental vendetta with anyone who doesn't have the same strength of ambition as herself.
    Tell her off to her face, you'll be verbally disgraced. Talk smack behind her back, and a punch she packs.
    Strongly against feminism because if typical girls actually worked for it, they'd already be as awesome as guys. She's a spicy little pepper.
    Extremely sensitive about her absent inhuman qualities. Bring it up, and she'll deflate instantly. Inadvertently suicidal; she wouldn't be here today if it weren't for her supernaturally gifted friends and family.
    Likes: Mildly obsessed with skateboarding, ATVs, and rock climbing. Tough animals, and she ain't afraid of 'em. Barefooting, and she's pretty much wrecked her feet from skateboarding shoeless; they're typically bleeding to some extent 24/7. Insane storms.
    She's really into woodworking. Her craftsmanship is on fleek. This girl could win trophies with her stuff.
    Dislikes: Any medical professional- she views them as overpaid hypochondriacs. The color pink. Makeup. Nail polish. Anything other girls wear that isn't jeans or sweatshirts. Also, girls themselves who don't understand the definition of modesty. Kids secretly terrify her- and babies are another thing. Arrogance, chauvinism, entitlement, pessimism, cowardice: you won't find her chilling with anyone of these traits.
    She has this intense hatred for babies. It's gotten a bit out of hand because she's constantly vowing mass elimination of all infants under her breath. No one knows what they ever did to her, and her parents are a b i t concerned.
    Quirks: She's extremely sensitive to high pitched frequencies and such- probably the only superhuman gene she inherited from her mother. She can hear dog whistles, and certain ringtones will leave her crying in pain. Also, anything moving across chalkboards is the bane of her existence.
    Constantly challenging people to arm-wrestling; she's actually won quite a few.
    Doesn't shave and refrains from cutting her hair as much as possible- believes religiously in Samson's hairy downfall.
    Has a beautiful singing voice that legitimately no one has never heard, and no one ever will.
    Background: Her parents didn't see each other again after the Silence breakout until an accidental encounter in Switzerland (long story). Boom, and suddenly they're strangers in love and yadda yadda yadda all that gushy crap. Anyway, fast forward a couple years, and here's their first kid. They decide to give her a wonderfully ironic name, despite the fact that it's slightly masculine.
    Years pass, and it's apparent that Bleddyn is slightly less abnormal than her parents. Ash sat hours atop a peaceful grassy rise, and her daughter always heard nothing more than whispers of skyward turbulence. Her father took her on countless instinct-evocative runs and replayed his beloved jump-scare reel of movies to the breaking. But Bleddyn always remained her unperturbed furless self.
    Her parents were comforting and made her normalness their accepted normal too. Their daughter was nothing short of unconditionally loved; both of them were absolutely wonderful parents. Her inherently gifted cousins and friends treated her no different and raced with her through a fantastic childhood.
    But, eventually, it hit her that she was different. And that reality hit hard.
    She became obsessed with trying to unearth her absent inhuman gifts. Every day was a new opportunity to risk her neck in some feckless revelation scheme.
    She got hurt. Badly.
    Multiple concussions, horrific breaks, lesions the size of chasms.
    Connor & Ash came close to losing her far too many times. After the first near-fatal accident, they became rightfully petrified and put her under house arrest.
    ...and she'd escape and do it again. No matter what lengths of restraint they went to, she always was a head above.
    Soon enough, possible death was not even a concern of hers. She was desperate enough to take risks that had her mother crying more than she slept. An undisclosed funeral was already completely planned.
    Then she heard the words "psychiatric confinement."
    Bleddyn settled down quick. She took up placating woodworking, a craft that she was incredibly deft at from the start. Her overtly relived parents obliged her new hobby with grateful wallets, and she soon had quite the inventory.
    But that doesn't mean she's forgotten what she lacks. If someone is to mention her normalcy, she silently slips into a dark state of depression and is soon attempting another treacherous task.
    She's a pretty comfortable student. She's diligent and knows a lot about random subjects that she throws herself into. Being that she doesn't really meet the conforms for any one social clique, Bleddyn moves around a lot and is seen with different people every day

    Name: Alec Farren
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'4
    Gender: Male
    Physical Identification: Despite his mother being quite the smol bean, Alec is a very tall, Muscular boy, His skin is slightly darker than average, Like a dark senna tone. His eyes are a memorizing dark, ocean blue color, With a slight hint of purple (Gets it from his mum), Has Bushy, Raven colored hair and eyebrows, And two, odd, tattoos on both his wrists.
    (Quick sketch I drew of him, I'll do a better one when i'm not feeling lazy)
    Personality: He's the classic
    cynical, stoic, gloomy, cold type..A trouble maker, Pick a fight with him or his friends and you'll be walking home with a broken nose. His voice is deeper-than-average and tends to speak flatly and monotonously. Alec is also known to be a very skilled fighter. Besides all of that Alec also seems to have a soft side to him, Despite never showing that side of him..

    Skill(s): Is able to Phase through walls and Such, And although he rarely uses these abilities, He is able to manipulate shadows around him, Using them to grab hold of moving/still object/living things, and/or break down obstacles. And can, but has never(So far) Use them for torturing. Making his opponents unable to breath, And/or make them experience an unbearable, sharp, burning sensation.

    Drawbacks because of skill(s): When using his Spoopy, shadow magic, he becomes unaware of his surroundings, Turning his vision hazy, He will also start to feel sick/tired the longer he uses his powers, thus making him, overtime, pass out and/or puke up large amounts of blood.

    Likes: The quiet, Being alone, boxing, Anything space related, Art, books, Science, etc.

    Dislikes: Everything

    Quirks: Has none, Unless his "Death Glare" Counts as one..

    User: @MillersFarm
    (I'll Add his History one day..)

    Name: Finlay Loson (or Watki, still tbd)
    Physical Identification: Unlike his twin, Finlay is about half his brother’s size. He has wavy brown hair with red-ish highlights in it, and bright blue eyes inherited from his mother.
    Skill(s):Invisibility, and another skill still yet to be discovered.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Invisibility causes him to feel quite disorientated at times, especially during high-stress situations.
    Likes:Family, peace, outdoors, good music
    Dislikes:Spiders, disloyal humans, evil
    Quirks: He is loyal and always making sure he doesn’t leave a friend out.
    Personal: His parents are Zen and River Loson and his twin brother is named Lachlan. Finlay has a beagle named Peterson.

    The name Finlay means, white warrior.

    Name: Peter Carter
    Age: 14
    Height: 5' 4"
    Physical Identification: Light brown hair, green eyes, kind of scrawny, is always wearing a hoodie
    Skill(s): Teleportation
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Can only teleport to places he can see, and can't teleport more than 1,000 feet in one day. It gets progressively harder and more tiring to teleport if he does it continually, even for short distances.
    Family: Was adopted by Samantha and Crow Carter. Samantha and Crow's daughter, Grace, is the same age as him.
    Likes: Animals, reading, drawing, aquariums, hoodies
    Dislikes: Overly-dramatic people, hypocrites, cheetos
    Quirks: Is incredibly anxious about being around people- will literally avoid talking to others, even people who have been friendly to him, because he fears they don't want him around. Despite this, once he knows you well, he will talk nonstop if given the chance. Is also a total cinnamon roll; though he may act tough, he would never dream of actually killing someone. Occasionally makes awkward jokes.
    Name: Grace Carter
    Age: 14
    Height: 5' 3"
    Physical Identification: Black, slightly curly hair that reaches just past her shoulders, light brown eyes, always wears sweatshirts and jeans
    Skill(s): Can manipulate electricity
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Has to have direct access to a source of electricity, once she's "charged" it's very hard for her to hold it for long, and the longer she holds it the more uncontrollable it becomes. Once she unleashes the electricity, she feels weak and has to wait before she does it again. (She can use small bursts of electricity without losing energy, though it doesn't do much.)
    Family: Samantha Carter (mother), Crow Carter (father, took Sammy's last name since he didn't have one), and Peter Carter (adopted brother)
    Likes: The outdoors, books, cheetos, animals
    Dislikes: Small children, coffee, talking in front of crowds, makeup
    Quirks: Is more outgoing than Peter, but still a bit awkward. Makes bad puns all the time. Tries to be sarcastic, but sometimes it doesn't work out. Is very protective of her brother.

    Name: Delilah
    Age: 17
    Height: Smol bean. 5' 4"
    Physical Identification:
    Left leg stops at the knee, and she has doodled all over her prosthetic leg to the point that I don't even want to try to color it in myself because it's the product of hours of school boredom. Her tired brown eyes have one wrinkle under one eye, and two under the other, and freckles beneath. At least, there would be freckles if she didn't keep them covered up with makeup, being more worried about hiding a few pimples than showing who she really is. She's a lil squishy around the badonkadonk and the tum-tum and is pretty self-conscious about it, but would rather fight the anxiety or somebody than take up running. Running is supposed to be a social event, anyway... somehow it seems stupid to do it alone.
    Unlike her father, she won't hesitate to throw a punch or (perhaps more fittingly) kick. She's not very good at fighting though, and often finds herself curled into the fetal position in a corner, waiting for the teachers come save her.
    Skill(s): Shifter, 2 forms.
    Her second skin is that of the North American grey fox. Unfortunately, this skin doesn't come with a left hind foot, either. She does have a prosthetic for it as well, but it requires help to put on. Needless to say, she doesn't use the form often. It's good for holing up in a cranney to cry, though.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Small, vulnerable (her fox only weighs about 10lbs or 4.5 kilograms). She can't really howl or growl, but can make various barks and screams.
    Likes: Football, hot showers, shopping, watching TV, baked goods, chai tea latte.
    Dislikes: Bees, science, sleeping in the dark, being called thunder thighs, feelings.
    Quirks: Wants to be an actress, makes pet names for everyone and everything. Wouldn't call herself an artist, but she does doodle when bored.
    @Fanci Feathers Marans

    Name: Virio
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'1
    Physical Identification: Virio is a tall, semi-muscular figure. He is not one to go to the gym but rather does pushups/situps/running, etc. everyday He's lean as a result, with little body fat percentage. His skin is somewhat tan, a result of his father being Hispanic, but he has semi-wavy dark hair (from his mother's side, as opposed to the black hair that his father would have passed on) that runs down just above his shoulder. Doesn't really comb it too much, normally it just falls in place, or his face. Occasionally puts it up in a bun. He has deep dark brown eyes as well. There is no indication he has powers on his body except a small mark on his left shoulder, one surely one he is parents had.
    History: He isn't sure who his parents were or how they looked like, because he was abandoned at birth because the couple were being hunted by a government agency and wished to protect him. Little does he know, they are alive and occasionally see him without talking outside the school. He grew up with another man that had similar powers to him, and taught him how to control and master the art of his craft. School always came last, sports and training always came first. Due to this, Victor isn't as ahead as his academic abilities could have allowed him to be: he is simply doing what others his age are, and he isn't too preoccupied with that fact. He secretly wonders what it is to have parents, as well as a significant female figure in his life. His foster dad was a widower, so he truly never got to know how it felt like.
    Skill(s): Virio has dual vision, where he can voluntarily see infa-red heat signals, aka, look through walls. He can walk through walls and teleport, even though the latter takes immense energy. He can also go invisible for a few moments.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): It takes a few minutes for the infa-red vision to go away once he wants it to, like if it has to cool down. Going through many walls quickly becomes rather painful, and the thicker the walls, the more the pain. Eventually it becomes unbearable. Teleportation takes an immense amount of energy out of him, and can usually only be done once before he gets extremely fatigued.
    Likes: People who know what they believe in, music, dancing, direct communication, loyalty, soccer and other sports, cooking
    Dislikes: Laziness, tofu, drawing, arts and crafts, school, people talking him too much
    Quirks: If he doesn't like something, you'll know quickly
    Name: Yris
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'4
    Physical Identification: This but with brown fox ears that are to-scale and a tail.
    History:For the cheery person Yris has become, it is strange to see where it all started, how horrible her childhood really was. She was a mistake, and was reminded that daily, from both her parents. Her father also fell in alcoholism after a rough injury, which prompted many screaming matches between parents as a child, which she often found herself in the middle of. There were many nights she cried to herself, wishing she could run away but afraid that someone would hurt her for her powers, It took a lot of courage, but eventually she ran away from home on her 15th birthday, finding the school not too much later. Her emotionally rough childhood had converted her into a more quiet, shy, person, but one who is very strong, determined, and forgiving on the inside.
    Skill(s):She has heightened hearing, vision, and sense of smell. She can also draw out small claws from her knuckles. She is also surprisingly nimble, flexible, and fast. She can also shift into a red fox, but her tail and ears remain a dark brown.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Some high-pitched noises are painful to hear, loses clothes when she shifts because she's downsizing.
    Likes: Kindness, hot chocolate, scarves, autumn, sweaters, hiking, nature, friends, school
    Dislikes: Fighting, arrogance, open toe shoes, tank tops
    Quirks: I don't think you know how much she loves scarves. She literally is always wearing a scarf.

    Name: Brisa Tress
    Age: 15
    Height: 5ft
    Physical Identification: Graceful, delicate but strong, fair-skinned with lots of freckles, big, brilliant green eyes framed by long, thick eyelashes, and thick, LONG, light auburn hair that she always keeps in a intricate braided bun on top of her head. She's always wearing skirts and dresses (think '50's style circle skirts, but not poodle skirts) with faded tennis shoes (her and her mom are similar in that sense). Her eyes also get very dark when she's using her powers.
    image (2).jpg
    Personality: Super sweet, very smart, isn't really capable of holding a grudge, wants to be friends with and help everyone. She trusts easily and is very talkative and social around anyone she considers a friend, but is quiet and shy around strangers. She's VERY loyal and will do anything to protect her friends and family. She also REALLY dislikes not being taken seriously because of her height and youthful appearance.
    Family: Mikki is her mother, and her dad, Tim, was one of the inhumans rescued from the Silence. They fell in love and were highschool sweethearts.
    Skill(s): She has telekinesis, and X-Ray/thermal vision. Thankfully she can control when she uses her special vision.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): She has trouble controlling the strength of her telekinesis at times, and she can get bad headaches from bright lights or super-sunny days. She's often bullied at school for being inhuman, and doesn't have many friends as a result.
    Likes: Big, cuddly dogs, hover boarding, reading the rare paper book that she can get her hands on, 1860's gowns, spending time with friends.
    Dislikes: School (despite her good grades), bullies, being treated like she's 10.
    Quirks: She inherited her good aim from her mother, she's proud to be a HufflePuff, and if you ever give her the chance to wear a dress from the 1860's she'll love you forever.

    Name: Zion

    Age: 17

    Height: 5’11

    Physical Identification: He has combed over brown hair with blonde highlights that's shaved on the sides of his head. One of his eyes is a piercing blue like his mother, and the other is deep green like his fathers, with freckles covering his entire nose and cheeks. His body is completely built for speed and endurance which makes him pretty intimidating to other people, despite him being extremely shy. On his back, sprouting from his shoulders, is two broad brown and blonde plumed eagle wings, he can shift them away, but he prefers to keep them out.

    Personality: Hes the kind of guy whos always alert, he always gives off an intense vibe even though hes very kind and sensitive. He always keeps his personal opinions a secret, he only tells them to his sister and his parents. Hes very shy but he craves being around people, hes both a leader and a follower. Hes brutally honest like his mother and incredibly loyal to his family and those he is true friends with. Hes very empathetic and emotionally-aware but is so shy that he doesn't talk to anyone. He hates violence in any form, but because of his mothers blood coursing through him, when hes put into a violent situation he goes completely numb and does whatever he needs to.

    Skill(s): Were-Eagle, he can shapeshift into a bald eagle at will, he can also shift into a half form, where his wings sprout from his shoulders. Despite all the Elemian humans only being able to transform into mammals, he can transform into a bird. Because of the Eagle DNA in his father's wings, it somehow transferred and morphed into this beautiful new form of Elemian transformation.

    Drawbacks because of skill(s): He prefers to keep his wings out at all times, which means he bumps them into things constantly and he has difficulty sitting in chairs, he cant speak in his eagle form. He prefers to keep to himself and prefers not to get into anything violent

    Likes: Running, coffee, dogs, nature, the artist Crywolf’s music.

    Dislikes: Violence, seeing his sister upset, 80’s music.

    Quirks: Hes very shy and quite attached to his sister, hes extremely overprotective over his family.

    Name: Wolfram(WOLFRAM: German name composed of the elements wulf "wolf" and hramn"raven," hence "wolf-raven.")
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'
    Physical Identification: Skinny, dark haired boy with bright blue eyes. Quiet, snappish, and quick to anger. He doesn't like being around people most of the time. His eyes are like a cats, the pupil widens with less light.
    Skill(s): Shapeshifter-Cat
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Drains a lot of energy while shifting.
    Likes: Quiet, Very few people, ravens.
    Dislikes: Most people, death.
    Quirks: n/a yet
    Name: Taylor
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'7
    Physical Identification: Very tall and skinny, long legs. Long red/amber hair that reaches to her waist. Emerald green eyes. Taylor is very cheerful, or, at least tries to be. She is kind, and, very loud andtalkative.
    Skill(s): Telepathy, telekinetic skills, and she can create and control light.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): To be played out
    Likes: People, talking, animals.
    Dislikes: Mapleshade, People who don't like Inhumans.
    Quirks: n/a
    Name: Mapleshade
    Age: 38
    Height: 5'7
    Physical Identification: Long, half black, half orange hair. With bright, emerald green eyes. Cat like pupils, calico cats ears and tail.

    Skill(s): Shapeshifter-Cat
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): N/A
    Likes: Very few things, the dark is one.
    Dislikes: Everything, Wolfram as well.
    Personality: Sly, manipulative, quiet, cat-like. Doesn't like most people.

    Name: Ella Starks
    Age: 16
    Height: 5 by 3
    Physical Identification: Blonde long hair, Blue eyes and additional finger on the right hand.
    Drawbacks because of skill(s): Cannot control where she teleports
    Likes: Running, and Gymnastics
    Dislikes: Cows, Rollercoasters, and Ovens (Burnt herself when younger)
    Quirks: Very, Very, talkative

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