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  1. Fanci Feathers Marans


    Name: Donella Rayne
    Gender: female
    Age: 20
    Personality: Shy, kind, helpful, nieve, curious
    Appearance: raven black hair, light tan skin tone and blue eyes in a soft heart shaped face, 5ft, 4in tall, slim build but with muscle tone.
    History: Donella and her twin sister Lara grew up with their mother after their father vanished before they were born. Their life was pretty much uneventful until their mother got sick and died over the course of a year. Fortunately the girls were old enough to stay together and live on their own by that time. Both are runners and have trained for marathons to help with cancer research as well as studying to be scientists.
    Planet: Earth
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: glock 19 handgun for self protection
    Other: they heard the crash of the spaceship and are coming to investigate.

    Name: Lara Rayne
    Gender: female
    Age: 20
    Personality: kind, loyal, quiet
    Appearance: raven black hair, light tan skin tone and blue eyes in a soft heart shaped face, 5ft, 4in tall, slim build but with muscle tone.
    History: same as Donella's
    Planet: Earth
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: Glock 19 handgun for personal protection

    Name: Jaxson (Goes by Jax to his friends)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Personality: Friendly, outgoing, likes to help people. He is easy to get along with, smart, doesn't seem very complex on the surface but once you get to know him you realize he has many different sides and talents.
    Appearance: Has brown hair, a deep rich brown with undertones of red, and dark brown almost black eyes. Dresses very casual, t-shirt and shorts or jeans.
    History: He was the only child from a single parent, his dad. His dad was not a great person and didn't treat Jaxson very well. When his dad died Jaxson was 10 and sent to live with the only remaining relative an aunt who was no better then his dad and could care less about her nephew. He ran away at 17 and lived on the streets, delivering newspapers for money until he was captured a year later, and that is how he wound up on the ship. His Aunt never reported him missing and honestly is glad he is gone.
    Planet: Earth now, once he goes with the group who knows!
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: None for now, he will gain some as he learns and grows. He is a fairly well trained in hand to hand combat due to his rough upbringing and time on his own. He can hold his own in a fight pretty well. He will eventually get a shotgun style weapon that shoots multiple target seeking plasma rounds.
    Other: He is open for a bond and I will find ways for him to pick up weapons and such as he goes along

    Name: Aster

    Gender: Female

    Age: 26

    Personality: Proud, spirited, impertinent, deceitful, guarded, and strong-willed.

    b520721ef09bb5ba7eb975a13e71213a (1).jpg

    History: Aster doesn't speak of her past, and anyone who inquires of it becomes a victim of her unharnessed anger.

    Planet: Feral

    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: Aster has been known to use anything within her reach as a weapon.

    Other: After Aster was captured she was almost instantly sold in an auction to a wealthy man who was greedy to own her beauty as his own. She was added to the man's 'collection' of female humans who were regularly shown to the man's friends as prizes. Unafraid of the consequences, Aster spoke out against her treatment and fought everything that she was forced to do; unlike the other woman who quietly endured their cruel treatment. The man found Aster's strong will etertaining, at first, and rare, but after a year he became tired of her behavior and sent her to be auctioned off. Aster was sold to a man living in Feral who wasn't frightened by her previous master's warnings of her difficult behavior and how she needed a master who was young and energetic to rule over her. Her new master hopes that adventures at sea, and his fierce domination over Aster will ensure her loyalty to him, but only time will tell.
    @Run Wild

    Human Character Sheet
    Name: Ryan
    Gender: male
    Age: 16
    Personality: cheeky, rotten, likes to be first
    History: recently captured and escaped. Caused the ship to crash-land on Earth, inadvertently killing Erin's Bond: Patches the Huronian.
    Planet: Earth
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: one too-big phaser rifle, and a few miscellaneous items scrounged after the crash
    Other: when looking closely, one might see something... off about him.

    Name: River Smith
    Gender: female
    Age: 18
    Personality: Brave Cold mean secretive sarcastic can be kind nice
    Appearance: Long brunet hair light skin there is a long scar on her face going from her forehead over her eye to her chin blue eyes
    History: HIDDEN she does not tell anyone but very very close friends
    Planet: was earth but now Melee
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: she has two metal wings though unless she is flying they stay close to her back, A long gun, and a sword that can use electric and can shoot people with it
    Other: hidden
    Username: @RiverStorm

    Name: Lily Kyran Wolf
    Gender: female
    Age: 10
    Personality: Smart,Kind, nice, happy, though mess with her friends or her you`ll regret it
    Appearance: shoulder length brown hair light skin, dark brown eyes
    History: she was an orphan nothing much other than that
    Planet: for now earth
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: none for now
    Other: none

    Personality:Soft-spoken, nervous, smart. She is easily hurt, and struggles to keep going day to day, seeing little motivation often.
    History:Atalanta was an orphan, living in the orphanage until she was seventeen. At the orphanage she was taken advantage of, hurt, both verbally and physically, and became much more susceptible to being hurt. She was left quiet, soft-spoken, and nervous. She left at age seventeen and stayed with a group of friends. They began working and lived together, finally seeing a start to a good life before their house burned down, with no insurance. Atalanta was left homeless, and ran for the woods. She mysteriously was never seen again.
    Planet:Going to be shipped as a slave. Not sure where yet.
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.:None, she is a slave and has no weapons or devices.

    Human Character Sheet
    Name: Leonard McCoy though his nickname that he will be called by in the future is Bones
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    Personality: kind nice brave sarcastic butt-head
    Appearance: black hair, light skin,brown eyes
    History: normal for now......
    Planet: earth for now..........
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: none for now........
    Other: He is a Doctor
    @River Storm

    Human Character Sheet
    Name: Erin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Personality: bubbly, talkative, but takes her responsibility to Patches very seriously.
    History: Abducted at 4 years old, found wandering the streets after escaping the orphanage. Patches had to save her from a gang before taking her in.
    Planet: Huron, daily travels to Earth to help Patches capture new humans.
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: Nuralizer, Language Device, Shank (for emergencies), Bottle of Healing capsules
    Other: N/A

    Name: Solana
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Personality: Can be guarded and cautious at first. But is friendly and outgoing around people she knows and likes. Mildy sarcastic and enjoys cracking jokes with her friends. Very loyal to those she cares for.
    Appearance: 5'9 and athletic in build, more muscle then fat on her from working on a farm. She has dark tan skin, with thick, wavy black hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She has grey colored eyes surrounded in thick dark eyelashes. She dresses casual, often cargo style pants with a belt and thigh holster for her weapons and then layered shirts(tank top, then usually an off the shoulder long sleeve shirt).
    History: She was an orphan from earth and therefor easy pickings for the aliens in the human trading business. She was auctioned off at a young age to a wealthy alien on Sirius. There she shut down due to the care she received. She closed off herself in every way until she was traded for newer stock, from here she went to Huron and lived on a farm. With time and better treatment she started to come out of her shell more, but she still takes time to learn to trust others. Due to this she has never bonded with anyone. How she got from the farm to the ship is unknown. Little else is known about her as she doesn't talk much about her past.
    Planet: From earth, then Sirius, then Huron.
    Gear, weapons, devices, ect.: Has a bull whip type weapon that can shock/taze people on contact. Also has a smallish pistol that shoots plasma like rounds.
    Other: Not a marksman by any means but still a decent shot, she is fast and nimble but not very strong. She is however strong enough in her arms to do some serious damage with her whip. She is not a fighter by nature but has adapted to be proficient when she needs to fight.


    Name: Kaaras
    Gender: Male
    Age: 100
    Personality: Can come across as gruff but is actual a very caring person. Loyal, protective and caring to those close to him. Fierce when in battle.
    Appearance: Has two sets of horns, one set twists/rotates back on either side of his head near his ears, the other set curls down from just below the first set around his ears. He has dual colored eyes, being primarily silver with green surrounding the iris. Has dark black scales with a strange dark green hue undertones. Has several patches, many fit well with his scales.
    History: Grew up on a farm on his home planet, he then set out to travel and got sucked into a human smuggling group. Where as most smuggling groups were for unsavory purposes, this group smuggled slaves or poor treated humans out of their poor conditions and tried to place them in better situations. After a stint with this group he decided to go into a trade that was just as rewarding but less likely to have him end up dead. He took up navigational work with several groups that ran rescue missions for stranded ships, and if he happens to come across some humans who need help while he is at it then he just can't help himself. He currently helps out on Narti and Worf ship.
    Planet: Huron originally.
    Rank: Navigator, fighter, smuggler, gives good hugs, sorta.
    Other: Has many weapons that he uses, however he has a metal face plate that he likes to wear and uses himself as a battering ram.

    Alien Character Sheet
    Species: Huronian
    Name: Patches
    Gender: Male
    Age: 200
    Personality: Gentle giant. Has the most experience Bonding humans to aliens.
    Appearance: Five horns, one broken. Greenish scales, about 300lbs.
    History: Didn't think he needed a human until Erin came along. Formerly a weapons distributor on Feral.
    Planet: Huron, with daily trips to Earth
    Rank: Lead human catcher
    Other: Has numerous patches, one with Erin's name in Huronian etched into it. One with a sun, one with a blade.


    Species: Feral
    Name:Skyler (the rare friend gets to call her Skye)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 75
    Personality: one word, complex, will be played out so you never know what is coming from her. ;)
    Appearance: Her hair is naturally silver, white even though she is not old. Her eyes are actually gold. She dresses in whatever works best for the job she is doing. This photo with the details provided gives you an idea.
    History: She was trained young to fight, many different styles with many different weapons. She was raised by her father until he died when she was in her young twenties. From there she went to work with his old employers, mostly she was a gun or knife for hire, or protection when needed. She also smuggled various goods including people when needed. As she got older she became less happy with her life and decided she could do better free lancing. So she set out on her own, she still does many of the same jobs. Currently see has found herself aboard a ship that does rescue missions. She does work on the ship, but she also uses this as a cover sometimes. Goes where ever the work is.
    Planet: Grew up on Feral, but now travels the stars where ever the work takes her.
    Rank: Assassin, hired gun/knife, body guard, fighter, smuggler. Whenever you need something done, especially if its violent or involves tracking and killing she is your girl!
    Other: She has many different Knives for various jobs, she loves anything sharp and pointy. She also has a custom sniper rifle that breaks down into different pieces for ease of carrying. She also has various other weapons to be revealed(you never know how many she may have hidden on her person. )
    As a shapeshifter she knows many shapes, but her favorites other then her natural form are a large tiger, A snowy owl, and a mink photos of these shapes:
    upload_2017-8-17_23-10-4.jpeg upload_2017-8-17_23-9-23.jpeg upload_2017-8-17_23-8-21_1.jpeg

    Alien Character Sheet
    Species: Feral
    Name: Fred (goes by 'Captain')
    Gender: Male
    Age: 568
    Personality: Gruff, Uncaring
    History: Has owned seven humans, all dead. Only one from natural causes.
    Planet: Feral
    Rank: Retiree from assistant General Human trainer. Currently fishes the deep seas in search of a rebel Feral called Jack, who took the form of an alien fish and hides in the waters.
    Other: second form is seagull

    Species: Feral
    Name: Odo (No Surprise there XD)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Personality: Kind, brave, wold do anything for friends, can be cold and mean, Sarcastic, Secretive, A little of a loner
    Appearance: He is a shapshifter he can have any but he usually looks like this Light shin almost white amber eyes brownish gold hair
    History: he and no one knows he was found by Melees and he now stays with them
    Planet: Feral but he does not remember that now Melee
    Rank: I guess warrior
    Other: He has the weirdest smile
    Username: @RiverStorm

    Species: Feral
    Name: Crow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality: To be revealed...
    Appearance: Depends, his favorite shapes are cats, crows, and hawks.
    History: Unknown
    Planet: Earth (for the moment)
    Rank: Umm?
    Other: Crow currently works on the rescue ship.


    Name: Dorian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 85
    Personality: Can be mysterious, but is generally open minded and good natured. Slow to trust, but loyal once he does. He can sometimes be short tempered, although he recognizes this and often tries to make up for it. Spent most of his life alone except for in recent years his pet so as such he can sometimes be...eccentric.
    Appearance: This is what I had mind let me know if its ok,
    History: He grew up on a crago ship that transported minning supplies and goods between worlds and stations. He has no parents that he knows of, spent most of his life working. Other then this he says nothing about his life or his past. He needs someone to trust before he spills his secrets.
    Planet: Never one planet for more then a year, although his ship crashed on Earth two years ago and he has been stranded since. Hiding out in no mans land hoping someone would eventually come.
    Rank: Drifter
    Other: I am going to be working on an idea for what he looks like under the armor and any and all are welcome to help! Also he has a pet dragon named Nemra, she can make herself as small as a house cat, and as large as her natural self which is the size of an elephant. She has the basic appearance of a silver dragon from D&D.

    Species: Melee
    Name: Ezor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Personality: Mysterious; strong; quiet; has a hard time trusting others; can be rude at times; sometimes jokes around; Doesn't prefer interacting with others, but he tries to talk to them so that he can determine if he can trust them.
    Appearance: IMG_1205.jpg (Is his appearance alright?)
    History: It's a mystery
    Planet: Melee
    Rank: Helps capture humans for other planets. Also transports humans from one planet to another.
    Other: Nobody knows his true appearance
    @CP Chicken

    The Siri

    Species: Siri
    Name: Warf
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    Personality: brave, hurt someone he loves and you`ll regret it, snappy, over protective of his sister, Can though rare be gentle,
    Appearance: looks like his sister Narti but can see
    History: normal
    Planet: Sirius
    Rank: Elite fighter, also rescue missions to extraterrestrials in need of help.
    Other: Good Siri. Has a wolf named Faolan. Does not have a "Human amy" thinks it is cruel and stupid

    Species: Sirius
    Name: Narti
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Personality: Can be friendly, energetic, jokes around with friends, though she can turn very dark and serious when in combat and doesn't stop until she has killed her opponent, excellent on her tracking skills as she is blind and depends on her other senses most of the time, loves hand in hand combat and taking down the enemy, can be boastful at times.
    Appearance: (The frill things are underneath her hood. One on either side of her head and one ontop of her head.)
    History: Nothing special
    Planet: Sirius
    Rank: Elite fighter, also leads rescue missions for extraterrestrials in need of help.
    Other: Born without eye(s), though her other senses are excellent. She is one of the few good Siri.


    Species: Gallus gallus alienicus/Alien Chicken
    Name: Roo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 5 years
    Personality: A generic chicken that mindlessly pecks at everything.
    Appearance: IMG_2852.PNG
    Machine Gun Turrets under wings
    History: An Alien injected an egg with alien DNA and hatched it.
    Planet: Floats in space wherever it wants
    Other: Lays bright red eggs

    Species: Chicken
    Name: Frosty
    Gender: Rooster
    Age: 1 year
    Personality: Energetic, talkative (yes, he can talk), easily excited, likes to joke around
    Appearance: Small black and white bantam roo (old english game bantam mix).
    History: Frosty was abducted by aliens and was used as a test subject. The tests made him capable of human intelligence and made him able to talk. He then escaped and has been flying a spaceship around ever since (yes, he can also fly spaceships).
    Planet: He has briefly landed on Earth to restock his food.
    Rank: Umm.....
    Other: He hates Roo for unknown reasons.

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