Inltro 2011
Aloha Everyone!! So I decided to revamp my groups by roatating, combineding, and Selling off my Game Hens.
I really feel like it is a time to change and just keep large layers. But I have not gotten rid of all my Game Gals. I am gong to keep the unique pattern ones. I want to breed them to my EE Cross Males, RIR, Males, etc... But I am still debating at the moment as to which males i want to pair these gals to. I have rotated other hens into the House that the Game Gals were in and I am thinking of expanding that cage they are in, aswell. Just need the material, and cost. Other than that I still let them range, feed them their feed, and of course table scraps. In addition to that the fallen fruits that the trees produce. I have obtained some new hens and I can't wait to get updated pictures of the gals. I might even just keep some groups intacked, again still thinking.

What I am Changing to...
1) EE Girl Group.... wiith 6 Roosters and 4 Brown Layers (Might move them but they are all getting along.)
2) Unique Pattern Game Group, 1 Rooster a RIR (He is tame and calmly with the gals but just a filler roo for now.)
3) Banty/Miniature Group 1 Rooster (They are all small stature and a variety of colors.)
4) Medium/Large Blue Pattern Group with 2 roosters(One with the Blue Egg trait and one with Feather Leg trait,undecided though.)
5) Feather Leg Group [Need a new Rosecomb] (They are set in their cage already.)
6) Barred Group 1 Rooster a Mix Blue/Pattern Bird (I love this kind hearted bird.)
7) Production Quartet gals 1 Roo a Mix Blue Barred Male (I hope he can make the cut.)

I may add more but i have that for now. I will have pics available so just remember to keep on checking but it may take a while so give me time Peeps!
Update: I lost my Rosecomb Rooster this last week of July now I need to find a new Rooster. Guess I just have to look in the TV Bulliten to see what they have out there unless I can find hatching eggs. Then I can get the little boys and gals, Siver or Golden Spangled Hamburgs.(Wish list)
I have two turtles and lots of guppies of the colorful variety. Plus I have Crayfish that keep on eating the plants I have in the tanks. Yo wonder why i have crayfish? Well I had them when I was younger and i was able to produce the rare Blue and Green colored versions. So that is my goal but that means back crossing and other genetic testing. It is fun to see them joust with eachother. the males are probably the most intense i have ever seen fighting. But one usually backs down so not much damage.​