Alright on to the Chooks!! (Part1)
Where to start first?? I have been using a Camera Phone to get pictures. If you notice some pics are larger that was with my camera prior to it breaking. I have groups that I place all my chooks into. Some are slowly being integrated and placed as I figure out what I am looking for. I have the following groups:
1) Game Group (mostly feral game type birds)
2) Pattern Group (unique patterns and diverse coloring)
3) Feather Legged Group (hens with feathered legs)
4) Blue/Banty Group (medium Breeds & Banty alike w/ Blue coloring)
5) Colored Egg Group (Blue eggers Bearded or not)
6) Blind group (hens and roos whom are visually impaired)
7) Experimental Breeder group (I have my RIR and Shadow in this group and may add more brown eggers to his group later)
Okay I have a lot of black colored Game type hens. Also the Wheaton, Partridge - I just say browns cause it is easier. Some offspring and or feral gals that were in and around the pens that would sleep in trees and make the roos go crazy to have their way with them. In addition to rescued and or given to me. But now they are flock members and only are layers. The surplus eggs are sold when I give them to relatives to sell. These hens in the Game Group lay white, cream, and slightly tinted eggs. some Game gals were moved to the Patterned Group because I want to experiment with them. I have every colored egg from my flocks except the chocolate eggers.(Wish list) I will start with Game Group and where they came from. Other Game hens are descendants to other birds and moved to appropriate locations.
Game Group!!!

Pinia, &
They were feral chicks that had just been rejected by their mother. I never seen the mother after so I assume another person had caught her or something. Theses 3 girls have a pecking order Pinta(SC) is Queen Bee in the established flock, just pecking hens. That is really all she does now that she is the highest among the hens. Then second in command there is Pinia (PC). She is also the hen that will break up a quarrel between hen mates. She will literally fly out of the roost and beat up the hen that caused the commotion. But they are in the Game Group. Pinea (PC) was in with the sisters but I moved her to the Pattern Group. She has a Spangled type pattern on her brown type coloring. She was the smaller and shyer one of the three. But just the cutest little thing which is tame enough to free range without fear of reverting back to her Feral ways.

Ummmm. What can I say she is one of the spurred black hens that in this group. Plus she does rooster things that catch me off guard. (She doesn’t crow if that is what you are wondering) But she lays well and goes Broody a lot. She is one of a handful that is in Broody jail throughout the laying season. But very care free and sweet. She is in the Game Group.

Gretchen, (Sold)
Shemie, &
Right now these two are in conflict with each other and their mother Gretchen(PC). They were originally from my Grandmothers house. I caught them for her and took the sisters home cause grandma didn’t want them cause they looked small. Then the mother came home a year later because she was being bullied by the other flock mates’ due to her broodiness. Creamie (PC) is pretty passive and can foster okay. Shemie(SC) is skittish and loved by the boys. Gretchen has a spur on her leg and always needs it removed because she was feral and knows how to use it. They are all in the Game Group.

Sonnie, (Sold)
Liara, (Sold)
I call them twins and the odd ball siblings. Sunny( PC) is a Wheaton type game pattern. The black in her plumage is really dark. She has grown spurs and will get them removed to lesson the pain to others. She also is a major squatter when the roos are around. Liara (PC) and Leara (PC) look exactly the same in pattern but I can tell them apart. Here is a hint, Liara is thicker and when you look at her legs she has a little yellow on her toes. Leara is thinner but has straight black in her legs and toes. The twins look like Brassie a little. But that is not their mother. They are in the Game Group.

Scrappa, (Sold)
Mosaic, &
Feralcuna (PC) was a feral maturing chicken when I caught her. But did she surprise me when she laid a bluish/green egg. I was like keeping you till you pass on. She is the mother of Spurs (PC), Scrappa (SC), Mosaic (PC), & Shicunia (PC). I had to breed her. Spurs is a black hen with spurs,I was not expecting it. She is larger than the mother but carries a blue egg factor like mom. She is in the Colored Egg Group. Scrapper is just plain black and well liked to challenge other hens that were out foraging around her pen. She lays regular creamish eggs. She is in the Game Group. Shicunia lays greenish/Blue eggs and has a beard, also black. She is in the Colored egg Group. Mosaic is his namesake, well look how unique his color pattern is, need I say more. (Beautiful to the eyes)

Blackie (SC) is her namesake. She is big eyed and pure black. Her eggs are tinted in color. She is the same size as Voltiara, Gretchen, Shemie, Buffen, and Creamie. She was hanging out by my coops and squated by the cages when the roos would do the chase move. It was the funniest thing I ever did see. She was in a pen with Scrappa, prior to the move, and they hang together in the Game Group.

Voltiara, (Sold)
Valerie, &
Varment(RIP, Culled)
Voltiara (SC) is a kind of small size hen with babies that varied in size other than her own. She was caught with her brood around my cages. She is in the Game Group. Her kids Valera (PC), Val (PC), Valerie (PC), & Varment (PC) are just so diverse in size and color. The girls have the same pattern, barred. Two of the girls have slight gold in the hackles. Val is just barred. But they totally stand out in personality and size. These three gals are in the Pattern Group. Varment is a mean little bugger. I got attacked one too many times for no bloody reason but I need to try out another way to tame him before I have to make chicken soup. He is bald too cause he and brother that is now dead got into it while I was working. Update: Varment Culled.

Brianna, (Sold)
Brenda, &
Brianna(SC) was given to me by a friend of mine that dislike the poo that was in her yard. Plus her kids were feeding her and the other chooks that were there around the area. She was caught with her offspring Brie(SC) and a motherless youngster Brenda (SC). These three are extremely tame due to the kids feeding them constantly. They are super tame and absolutely talkative. They are all in the Game Group. Then they caught Nerra (PC) She is very skittish, has a dark face, red on the top of her head, and beard. She is surely getting tamer but it is a slow process. She is in The Colored Egg Group.

Mustrie(right), &

Mustrie (PC) is an escape artist. She would always break out of the old coop that they were in. Mustrie would revert back to feral mode and it took me two days to recapture her. I caught them on a whim, as maturing chickens. Literally they were by hand and no nets and or traps. I have never tackled two birds and caught them until that time. Mustrie is in the Game Group, (The Photo contains Brassie,Under, Lustrie ,Left, and Mustrie, right). Lustrie (PC)in the Pattern Group. Lustrie is a unique patterned hen she has slight lacing in her plumage. These two birds are just a trip cause though they are in separate cages they seem to get broody at the same time and or when one is coming out of broodiness.

D.Strike & (Sold)
These gals have spurs. Huge sharp/pointy spurs. That I removed cause they hurt. D. Strike (PC) was given to me when I got back Taiknetu (SC). Taiknetu has a story too but that will be later. D.Strike's Spurs were semi-curved and super sharp at the tip. G. Blade (PC) was caught around my home. I thought it was a Henny roo. Her spurs were thicker that D.Strike and she would use them everytime a broody came out of jail. But they are removed thank goodness. I found out later she was a gal when she started laying. She is submissive to the roos and definitely unique cause she must be a mix of some type of games. But put them side by side and the body types are quit different.

Brittnie, (Sold)
Jackleen, & (Sold)

My co-workers rescued these birds. Brittnie (PC dubbed) is a is kind of odd. When I got her with her pen mate Brandie (SC) she looked odd. I asked the people that caught her and they said that the house that had Game birds would dub all their birds. I don't know how to dub birds and I really don't like it. The only thing I learned was Spur removal via youtube. Brittnie is Skittish and a little beast when she is in lay mode but due to her nature I can understand. Brandie (SC) was in tacked and an observer. When I am in the pen she watches me as I interact with the others. But when I have treats she is one track minded. Brenie (SC) was running around my friends house that day of the pick-up. They were trying to catch her but it was not easy. So it was a group effort. She is also my major squatter hen. I pet her she squats. I pick her up her wings are open. So the Roos lover her but she only likes mating with the Alpha and Beta roos. She also will look in my bucket when I am there to see if there is corn treats. She also is an egg roller hen. I always place the eggs the group lays in the feed bucket. Brenie will stick her head in and roll them. She is just a funny gal and likes to be held and scratched. Jackleen (PC dubbed) was also dubbed and is a nice hen but but not as tame as Brenie. Jackleen is very snooty at times and gets put in her place by the top hens if she walks too tall. But I am glad these gals were rescued. They are in my Game Group. Burrie (PC dubbed) is a Game Crele hen she was also from my co-workers house. She was just a beaut and I placed her in the Pattern Group cause I wanted to cross her to Cuckoo to get the egg colors and pattern. I just hope the offspring are not aggressive. Burrie is semi-skittish but when in the nest, laying, she gets nippy. She lays white colored eggs which are pretty big in my opinion.

Brooda, & (Sold)
These two sisters were caught around my cages as young chooks like some of the others did. They got used to the feed that was spilled out by may other hens in the "break-up-Broodiness cage". Little did I know they were going to be apart of that cage too. Brownie (PC) has spurs too and is Brassie's go to hen. (For the lack of words, read Brassie's segment and put two and two together.) Brooda (PC) likes to be in brood mode so much it gets annoying. Both sisters are like that and would brood together and break eggs that it was not a good set up for these two. I have done foster chicks and it was not good either. So they just are either in lay or in brood mode throughout the year. But are quite sweet when they feel like it. I guess cutting their line on brooding made them a little sour.(Hahaha) They are in the Game Group.

Rasha, & (Sold)
Baldie(Sold)(Front, Brenie in back)
These two also caught around my cages. But on separate days, literally. Baldie (PC) was by my tanks and Colored Egg Cage (Which is now called). She was stuck by the run corner and didn't fly over. She was literally bald almost to the bone. I was able to bring her back from death. When you move her feathers there is a little bald spot on her head. Rasha (PC) was in the same location as Baldie the very next day, so hilarious. I swear it was like someone placed um in there. Rasha looks shamoish and or Asil mix. She has grown spurs and is a nice reddish brown like Brownie. She had something happen to her like a month ago in the pen. She was, I guess, attacked by a rat or something. Cause she was missing feathers on her neck, literally. I put aloe on it and monitored her and she is healed up now. I just have to wait for the feathers to grow back.

T.J. Tiger,
Gypsie, &
Buffie (SC) she is buff colored hen and mother to T.J. Tiger (PC), Gypsie (SC), & Buffen (SC). Buffie was with Unky (SC, culled) produced Gypsie and Buffet. She is miniature and sweet and doesn't get too broody. She is in the Feather Legged Group. Gypsie is her namesake Gypsy colored skin and neat pattern, Pattern Group. I am unsure as to who passed her this trait, yet I love her pattern and trait. I hope it carries on to future offspring too. She is a first time broody too. She is foster brooding some store bought Non-Standard Ameracunas (March 2010). I know people would say EE's but I prefer Non-Standard. (As the saying goes you say tomato I say tamatoe.) Gypsie is a wonderful Mama. As soon as I bought them I basically stuck the little ones under her as I collected eggs and she was in mother mode. I stuck the box over the entrance and let stay for the smell for a while. Then I barricaded the opening with a metal type rack and clipped the box over to darken and add to the smell of the chicks. By the way the is a cat litter box. So yes there is ventilation for the new established family. Cause of her size there was room for food and water. But now they are transferred to another pen to grow and thrive. Buffen is so opposite to her sister in color and all. She reminds me of their mama, hints the name. She is also one of the rooster favorites. She went broody twice and has not yet. She is in the Game group. T.J. Tiger, Tiger for short, looks like dad T.J. He is shorter and has feathered legs and second in command to Cuckoo. He is such the growing cock and tries to challenge Cuckoo but gets put in his place really quick. Then they are fine and calm with eachother.Nest box​