More Chooks!!!(Part 2)
This next page will be about my Blue, Blue/Green and other Non-Standard Ameracauna (EE) type birds. Some of them rescued, others bought , bred, and or were feral that I caught/received. I have one that the flock doesn't really bother with because she had a leg injury that healed wrong. She, Patricia, was a rescued feral bird that one of my school teachers wanted to remove from her yard. I am also putting in Breeding that occurred as my venture to change. But had ended due to death. But if I had the birds again I would do it again.
Blue Egg Group
Easter (RIP-04/09/2010),
Beating Blood(RIP),
B.J. Mini,
Bluestra(RIP), &
(Update: Easter passed on today, 04/09/2010 She lives on in memory as my first EE to have had babies that turned out so diverse and beautiful in their own right. She will be missed.)The Grandmother of the this Colored Egg Group. Easter(PC) was my very first hen that I bred to different males to see if I could get unique traits. I bought this hen as a chick from my local feed store. I really wanted to experiment with her cause of her egg color. However, the trait for blue was in a Heterozygous form. But the offspring are beautiful. She is up in her years and no longer lays so she will live her life out as the Grandma of this Group. She was crossed to a Bantam Red Cochin, Beating Blood (SC), rescued from the Animal Shelter. It was hard to breed him to her but they did manage to produce offspring. Blindy (PC) is one of their kiddo. He was as red as dad and as big as mom. He also had feathered legs with a single pea comb. He would always jump the fence and get into mischief. He lost his left eye in a fight with a feral roo that was running around with hens. He still able to function well but he is also up in his age too. He is the head roo of the Blind Group. I also used him to back cross to Easter. This produced B.J. (PC) who is the Alpha Roo of the Game Group. He looks like Blindy but has three rows of points on his comb where the dad only has one. He took over the group after Beating Blood was culled due to his aggression. He has a sister too, Bluestra (PC) from a different hatch but they are only months apart. She has a blue face and red patterned plumage. She didn't get the egg colored trait at all but legs are feathered so she was moved to the Feather Legged Group. But she laid for about a couple years and has not dropped another egg. I wonder if she has gone infertile. (I hope not) When B.J. was of age I used him to produce the final two chooks in this Back-cross Project. B.J. Mini (PC) looks like the roo and is a mini version of the father. He is with his Brother/Father aswell, in the Game Group. His sister Easterea(PC) was the only one to have an offspring. Plus she had the small stature and both traits of parents. She had the beard, feather legs, blue egg like mom and the same pattern as her older sister. Unfortunately she passed after her chick was born. (This is the only picture i had taken of her prior to her passing.) I will tell you about him later but he looks the same as the uncles. If I ever get a hen like Easter, I will definitely use my boys again. I want more Hens like Easterea. Plus I want my boys to look the same with the beard and Blue egg trait too. But they look like Barhamas now. :)
Sushi(RIP), &
Tiny (SC) was a rescue from the animal shelter as well. I got him for my Grandmother but 2 years later she wanted to do away with him cause he was too big. He was a Sex-linked bird so I wanted to play with feather genes. I made room for him and bred him to Easter as an experimental cross. His son T.J. (PC) looks like him and has his mother's pea comb. He has one offspring that looks like him with Buffie, T.J. Tiger. His sister Estrah (SC) looks like a Sex-linked hen, just with a beard. But she lays large Brown eggs. They also have a half sister Queenie (PC) that is an olive egger. Sushi (PC) was her mother.However she has passed away a couple years back. Sushi also has other offspring with Rebal. Queenie is a massive bird like her father (Tiny) but bearded like her mother (Sushi). She kind of has a Brichen color pattern. If you put the half sisters next to eachother they look like each other just with a color difference and comb difference.
(Sorry no picture available) Rebal, (RIP,culled)
Black Beard,
Grey Beard,
Shiala, & (RIP)
Sushi and Rebal (PC) are the Parents of Black Beard (PC), Grey Beard (PC), Shiala(PC), & Shianna (PC). Rebal was an "oppsie, there is a roo in the batch of chicks I bought but they are supposed to be gals"(hello). He was also an aggressive roo that was not nice at all. He would attack and bit me every time I went to feed him and his flock. So I had to cull him cause he would not relent. But he did have quite a bit of offspring. Okay the two Boys look different. But Black Beard looks like the father to a "T". But does not have that aggressive attitude. He is Beta to B.J. in the Game Group with his Brother who is mostly red but gets reprimanded when he tries bred with any of the flock members. Shiala has a nice pattern and reminds me of Pinta. But she is a squatter to all roos. Shianna was mistaken for a boy cause of her plumage while growing to a mature specimen. I was unsure about her sex until a month after. I guess she was just a late bloomer. But she ranks her sister now and is super sweet to me.
Cocoa, & (RIP)
These three are other offspring from Rebal. First we have the siblings Cuckoo (PC) Who is now the Alpha male in the Colored Egg Group with T.J. Tiger as the second male in his command. This roo is just bloody hilarious, he crows to the sky. He opens his mouth almost at a 45 degree angle. I need to get a photo of that on day. Cocoa (PC) is also in the Colored Egg Group. She is just a fat black hen, yet she is a sweet hen. She lays Green eggs and has no beard. But is a heavy gal to carry. Their mother is a BR, Bertha(SC). Teisha (PC), another progeny of Rebal, is a hen that is skittish. Kind of a loner in her own right but does semi-socialize with the other flock mates. Her mother was a RIR, Toesha (SC) .They are all Olive Eggers. More about the mothers later, they are up in their age and are still going on the egg laying.
Cre, (RIP)
Taiknetu, &
Neuha (SC) is a hen that I was happy to see running around my cage. She had a bunch of offspring that never survived up to maturity. Until I saw her with Tiny's offspring. I did have tiny out of the cage in the run after a while. He was just too heavy for the hens and a little on the over anxious side when mating. He never got out of the run. But Neuha was lighter than him and got into the run. That is how Dela (SC), Cre (SC) and Taiknetu came into the picture. Plus Rebu (PC) who was from a Crele roo running with Neuha at the time. Neuha was playing the field, though. So I set out to catch em all. Oh did I forget to mention the Blue feather factor Neuha carried. So I caught her and her kids but only those guys made it. Dela looks like a sort of sport Delaware. But with red and Blue in the mix. (I see Dela and Blue in the Future) Cre is the head hen then Dela. Cre is like a Crele colored hen but not blue. Taiknetu is just a plethora of colors that I know he will give me Great offspring. He has three kids of his own, Shadow, Nite, and Tri-Cula. He is in with a Group for breeding purposes. Dela, Cre and Rebu are in the Blue banty Group but I may move Cre out to the Pattern group soon. Or Just make a Barred Group and move Cuckoo and Tiger to this group for some Blue Egg Crele/Barred Layers. Rebu is a Blue/Buff-barred hen that is just beautiful in my opinion. She is super sweet and lover her pattern. Okay, Lemiona (PC) is Black Beard's offspring and half sister Shicunia. She is a like a off colored Buff with Blue on her pattern. She is the closet thing to mom's color. Because she lays Bluish/Green eggs she is in with the Colored Egg Group.
Penelope &
These two were my co-workers gift/removal. She was telling me about this flock of chickens that were wondering around her house. She didn't want them there eating her dogs food. She said that she found one nesting under her house. I was in disbelieve. But she said she was raking the yard and touched something with the rake. She peered in and screamed. First she thought it was dead. (i was chuckling away). But then she nudged it and it moved. It was sitting on a nest, from what she told me. I asked what kind it was and she said it had a fat face. I got more clarification and she said it was a Ameracauna. I quickly set up a date and time. She was free during a weekend I got my hen, Penelope (PC) and clutch. She was under weight. I set the eggs under a broody hen and only 3 chicks came out but they didn't survive. I fattened up Penelope and she is laying really good Blue/Green like eggs. Patricia (SC) was also from the same location but it was later that year (2009) that I got her. My co-worker's kid herded it into a metal dog kennel in the garage. I thought she was pulling my leg. She wasn't pulling my leg. I spoke to her child when I got to the house and she told me the story. This hen was unfortunately lame in her leg. She would limp around favoring her stronger leg. She is still quite mobile though. She lays cream colored eggs and has a beard with a wheaton color pattern. No hen bothers he due to her injury.
Rei, &

These three gals will be added in soon. Tri-Cula (PC) is the only progeny of Nori (PC, RIP) and one of Taiknetu's Daughters. She is a Crele Barred hen, and one that is just neat in color very unifom. I lover her Crele pattern with the Beard. I want to create more like her because she is just stunning to look at. Rei(PC) and Mai(PC) were bought as chicks from the Feed store, with 4 more other chicks. They are great at foraging around when let out to scratch in the leaves. Rei lays pretty well but in this shot she looks like a roo. She reminds me of Shianna. Mai has Stunning Sky Blue eggs where Rei lays a off Blue. I think I may use her to continue my "Crossback Line" I just have to see if she will give me the same type of offspring. (I hope at least.)​