More Chooks!!!(part4)
I do not know if you all are sick of seeing my chooks.
But I think I am done with this final page. I have some hens I for got to mention in previous pages. One group basically got introduced already. Some are in transitional cages and will make the move soon. But they may even be placed in another group entirely. I am still debating. This is a slow process and the decision will be sooner than I think. (PLANS) I have some stories I would like to share about certain chooks. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Pattern Group

She is an old timer that lays pretty well and resembles past parental units. She literally is a descendant of past Poultry I had when I was younger. First, her Great Grandparents which I adored. Legalia, a Utility White Leghorn Hen, which I rescued. Whom was mated to a Bantam Roo Red-Shoulder White, I believe was a OEG, Manini. They produced Miniala, Pure white, in between their size, and a great Broody. She was bred to a Blind Feral Red w/Black tail Roo, Lefteye. They produced Mantre, she was the same as her mother Miniala, But with Black Flecks and yellow around her head ,literally. Mantre was Bread to two males on different occasions. The first was a AGF Red-Shoulder White male with black flecks throughout his plumage. Which gave rise to Specks. The other male Mantre was bred to was Beating Blood, which in turn produced Buffie. (Talk about mixed blood) Anywho, Specks is the Mistress of the Pattern Group. She has no offspring but I am planning to soon to see what comes arise. Note: I have some pics of some birds in this story but I need to get a Scanner to get them on here.


She is a buff colored hen like Buffie, but no relation to her at all. She was a very young feathered chick. She was peeping around my cages and I didn't want her to get killed or die because she was so young. She, as you can see, has matured beautifully. She is in transition to be running with the rest of the Pattern Group as soon as they get accustomed to her. She wants to get out and join but I have to make sure she will be safe. She is quit a talkative hen and lays well.

Decipher/Transitional Chooks

This is Nite (SC) she is Shadow's full sister and Tri-Cula's Half sister. Father is Taiknetu. I was hoping for a Blue but got a black. Her mother is Witchie. Nite is just like Shadow but quite the witch toward other hens who are roaming out in the run. Spunky like mom I guess. She does lay every day and has not gone broody yet. She is very jumpy when I have food but will run like crazy when she finds a critter in the leaves.

Nikka &
These two were sold as Barred Rocks but in my opinion they are either checkered Leghorns and or Production Blacks. I favor toward checkered Leghorns Because they lay white eggs. Nikka (SC) is very inquisitive and doesn't really like to be handled. But once caught will squat down. Nostrie (SC) I think is a defect hen cause she was a sickly chick and I was able to nurse her back to health. She always has eye infections. So I am using ointment on her eye. to correct the problem. She is skittish and fast on her feet she has flown the run countless times and has her wing feathers trimmed to relinquish that flighty behavior.

Blanche &
These two hens were also bought the same time with the cuckoos above. They again were sold as Cornish x's and well I really cant say. Blanche (SC) has a body like a White Rock lays light Brown eggs. She actually lays every day. She is a eater too, but likes to be out in the leaves looking for little morsels. Bianca (SC) is much larger in body size but weight is managed so she doesn't get to heave. they roost on the same perches as the others. She lays nice brown eggs like my Experimental hens. But not as often as Blanche. When she is laying she takes up the whole nest. She is a huge hen no doubt. But a noisy one too when she is done laying.

Bertha(RIP) &
These two are my BR. from a past Purchase. they are pretty old but they every other day(give or take). Bertha (SC) is kind and minds her own business. She is cuckoo and Cocoas mother. She is very huge in girth and I often call her "Big Bertha". Witchie (SC) is a Super Witch. She likes to pick fights with passer by hens. She has pecked me like crazy when I want to collect her eggs. But when she is nice, she is nice, but she always clucks deeply like she wants to pick a fight. These gals are none-the-less going to be placed in retirement soon and with a roo that is close to their age so they can just relax in their old age.