3-Tier Quail Cage

I don't know a thing about quail, but the build and article is good.
This is a fabulous build.
I love the poop trays and the nice big doors to fit dirt boxes through.
Compact, inexpensive, simple. Great article for folks looking to grow their own food: Coturnix quail for eggs and meat. The urban/suburbanites’ answer to clean local protein. Not bad for country folk, either! Thanks!
Very well written with detailed descriptions for every step, supported by plenty of pictures.
Really neat design id Love doors like that on my cages!
Thanks for the great rating and comments! Stay tuned. This weekend I hope to find time to add fold down egg catching trays across the front of each tier where the 4' wide slots are. I may get to the DIY feeders and watering system too. And if I get all that done, our quail chicks are getting moved out of the brooder. I need the brooder space ASAP for the hatchlings that should pop out of their shells Sunday...
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