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  1. Kevin565
    A Broody: a Chicken who is broody. Which means she wants to sit on eggs.

    Bator: A incubator

    BBR:Black Breasted Red

    BIL:Brother in Law

    BLRW:Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

    BLRW:Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

    BO:buff orpington

    Boss: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

    BR:Barred rock

    BTB:Black tailed buff

    BTW:black tailed white or By the Way

    BYB:Backyard Breeder

    CM:Cuckoo Marans

    DC:Dear Children

    DD:Dear Daughter, Dear Dad

    DE: Diatomaceous earth

    DF:Dear Father

    DH:Dear (most times) Husband

    DM:Dear Mother, Dear Mom

    DS:Dear Son

    DSD:Dear StepDaughter

    DSF:Dear StepFather

    DSM:Dear StepMother

    DSS:Dear stepSon

    EE: Easter Egger. A breed of chicken

    FIL:Father in Law

    GPH:Gold Penciled Hamburg

    IMHO:in my humble opinion

    IMO:in my opinion

    JBG:Jersey Black Giant

    LF: Large Fowl

    MIL:Mother in Law

    Mutt: A Mixed breed

    OEG:Old English Gamebirds

    OEGB: a Old English Game Bantam. A chicken Breed

    PQ- Pet Quality

    RIR:rhode island red

    Scovy: Muscovy Duck

    SDW:Silver Duck Wing

    SIL:Sister in Law

    SLW:Silver Laced Wyandotte

    SSS- Shoot,Shovel, Shut up

    SQ- Show Quality

    WCP:White crested polish

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