Duck And Chickens Pros And Cons

By Kevin565 · Feb 8, 2012 · ·
  1. Kevin565
    Why would you want to mix Ducks and Chickens?
    • Many people enjoy having a variety of breed
    • Many people who are allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs
    • Depending on your area duck eggs may go for more than chicken eggs

    What are the risks?

    • Drakes mating hens can cause severe damage
    • Roosters trying to mate ducks can damage neck feathers
    • Though not normal there have been cases of ducks drowning chickens
    • Drakes and Roosters may or may not get along

    Please do not consider the risks as your final answer. These are more of a "worst case scenario" but are still a possibility.


    Q: Aren't ducks messy?
    A: Ducks are considered messy than chickens but it is manageable

    Q: Don't ducks carry lots of diseases?
    A: Just like any species they can carry diseases but not anymore than other poultry species

    Q: Don't Ducks need a pond?
    A: No this is one of the biggest misconceptions. Ducks do not require a pond. They are quite happy with a kiddie pool.

    Q: Aren't duck eggs not edible?
    A: No duck eggs can be eaten just as you would a chicken egg

    Q: There isn't really any market for duck eggs is there?
    A: Actually duck eggs are very popular for hatching eggs and becoming quite popular for baking

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  1. Sally Sunshine
    "Drakes mating hens can cause severe damage" ~ Reading this, is it best to have 2 drakes or 2 hens instead of a pair?

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