Selling Eggs On Craigslist

By Kevin565 · Apr 14, 2012 ·
  1. Kevin565
    Here are a few tips for selling your eggs on Craigslist.

    1. Interesting Title

    On craigslist there will be competition for selling eggs. Try to make a unique title for your ad

    2. Pricing

    Make sure your pricing is reasonable. Selling your eggs for less than the competitors at first is a good way to gain some customers. Just make sure you don't price them too low to the point your almost giving them away.

    3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

    So many people underestimate the value of media in a ad. Pictures often draw lurkers eyes to your ad. Beneficial pictures would be of the actual eggs and your birds, If your selling free range eggs you might add a picture of your birds free ranging.

    4. Variety of sections

    Many people post there ad in the farm and garden section and wonder why they get no replies. This is one of the most competitive sections for selling eggs. With proper Marketing your ad can fit in a variety of sections.

    Pets - Posting your eggs here is a great way to get clients that love free range eggs as well as a variety of clients that feed eggs to their animals.

    General- Though this is a broad section it's also one of the most viewed. A eye catching ad here can help you expand your clientele

    Arts and Crafts - Eggs are just for eating right? WRONG. Many artists use various eggs for decorations.

    Beauty and Health- Backyard eggs are often full of more nutrients that there store bought counter parts. Using that as a selling point you can reach many people who love eating healthy foods

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