So the baby chickens got a little bit of sun today. They are very confused....prefering to stay in the little house instead of perusing the green grass for snacks. I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better, after all they are only 2 weeks old today. They don't know what to do with fresh treats either, makes me wonder if maybe they are too little for lettuce and apple trimmings. I gave them a piece of diced apple yesterday and my son slipped them some chopped cucumber today to no avail. I'm hoping they are just too little for all this craziness and will try again tomorrow, I should mention that they are not as tame as the last set of babies, there's just too many this go around to play with every one several times a day like we did the last group of babies. I'm gonna keep at it and hope for the best. Will keep you posted and will try to add pics in a bit.