I spent two weekends to build this small chicken coop for my one month old chicks. This beautiful chicken coop is made by a uneanted TV stand plus some extral wood. One good thing about this is the outside of the wall is finished wood so that i don't have to paint it or put siding on it. Here is how i made it.
First of all I used some old wood pieces to make a stand about eight inchs high above the ground.

Then I took done the TV stand and put one piece to the back of the chicken coop. They are all the finished wood so that i don't have to paint them.

Put both sides with the finished wood pieces.

I put the regular roof on the top. i had them in my storage room.

This is the final chicken coop. It's big enough for my 20 chickens. I can use it at least for one month.

I also put a purple flowers on the top of my chicken coop. It made it looks nice.