Two chickens did not want to eat. I put them into a basket because I am afraid of they pass the sickness to other chickens and that way I can keep eyes on them. However, I did not know they would go at the end of the day. I do not know what reason. However, they look like sleeping...Sad :(

It is a nice day. I let my baby chick going out to play under the sun. I saw one Buff Orphington looks very dirty so I cleaned her with warm water. I thought it is a nice day she will be dry up quickly and would be fine. She was fine after that. However, the next day I found one chick dead. I am sure it is the one took the bath on the last day...big mistake! I am crying for my baby chick...

Lost another one with no reason! Sad.

Today is the second day I put my chicken in the front deck. Everything was fine the chicken was happy to enjoy the bigger room and more food. However, I found there was one chicken missing after I got home. None took the chick. The cage was cover and fully closed. I have no idea who and how one chicken could miss. I am so sad...and now I only have 20 chickens. Where are you hiding my little baby?

Finally, I find my missing baby chick. She was under the water feed...already dead. Sad feeling I lost my forth chick. :(