Chicken Coop 5000
After buying some chicks at the feed store we discovered they grow REALLY fast!! We decided we needed somewhere to keep them, and quick. Therefore, construction on the chicken coop 5000 started. The chicken coop is 8ft by 4ft and 8 ft tall. It has 6 nesting boxes, which is WAYYY overkill, since they will lay 7-10 eggs all in 1 or 2 boxes. There is a ladder for the chickens to climb up, and lots of roosting space. More roosts have been added since these pics. We can walk in the coop, but have to watch out so we don't smack our heads on the roosts. The nesting boxes are accessible from the outside in the back, but the only one who does it that way is my husband. The pen made of 2X4s and chicken wire is about 25ft X 30ft and covered in deer netting. The 2x4s are already starting to get wobbly now after a 1 1/2 yrs. Next time we will cement posts in. This coop is home to a mix of purebred chickens.
100_0138.jpg The lesson I learned here was - don't lay your 2X4s upright against the fence on sloping ground. After a trip to the ER and 4-5 staples to the head I learned that lesson.
100_0139.jpg Here we have managed to get the pen and gate up before the rain.
100_0144.jpg The inside of the coop. Clean and ready for some chickens.
Almost painted all the way. Shingle packets on the ground for the roof. March292008010.jpg
SuperAfroman068.jpg Here's my original crew hanging out.