My Other Animals
These are my alpacas Baden and Van Bramer. Baden is the brown alpaca. He is a huacaya alpaca and has dense fluffy fiber. Van Bramer, the white alpaca, is a Suri alpaca, and has silky hanging fiber. They are both boys. We hope to get them girlfriends someday.
Jan242008006.jpg Jan242008004.jpg March292008009.jpg
April152007012.jpg April152007013.jpg
Freshly sheared.
alpacashearing4182008001.jpg alpacashearing4182008002.jpg
I have 4 lab mix dogs. Hershey and Snickers are chocolate lab/ weimeraner mixes. Shadow is a black lab/ chow mix. Lilly is a small yellow lab mix.
100_0172.jpg Hershey & Snickers as babies... so cute.
Hershey in his natural state SuperAfroman067.jpg

SuperAfroman065.jpg Snickers in the grass...
...and posing April152007023.jpg
SuperAfroman063.jpg Hershey laying with the chickens.
Blake with Shadow, Hershey, & Snickers March132008097.jpg
029.jpg Here is my sweet Lilly. 027.jpg 106.jpg
We have 4 cats.
Orion is an old lazy tabby. 004-1.jpg
Houdini is an escape artist cat. She likes to roam outside, sometimes for days. Then she comes home for a long nap before shes out again.