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Chicken Tractor

  1. BYC Support
    Chicken Tractor
    I built a chicken tractor and I thought that other readers might gain some ideas and motivation to build their own if they could see mine.



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  1. love laugh farm
    Were any plans ever posted?? I REALLY would like to build this!!
  2. miquwid
    great coop design you did a really good job
  3. marsted
    How is it when turning? i have one that is just a yard, no coop, but it is awkward to turn.
  4. Punch
    Me too, please, and many thanks in anticipaton
  5. Olsonea
    Do you move this manually? I was thinking of putting a hitch on to allow me to tow the coop with my lawn tractor.
  6. The Breaker
    Can you tell me a ballpark figure of the cost to build this?
  7. The Breaker
  8. The Breaker
    I love it nice!
  9. azvwbaja
  10. packerkk
    Can I have plans, please? I love it!

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