Coop Construction Day 1

By DarkWolf · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. DarkWolf

    Started on framing and got the floor down today. There was a bit of framing stupidity due to me dropping the level of the floor. I just need to scab it out some to support the back wall. Not a big issue. I gave the bottom of the OSB a coat of sealer before I laid it down.

    Here's a view of the coop from the back porch. It's just a bit away from the house. Because it's visible from the road it needs to be extra pretty.. ;) I'll be doing plantings around the run to mask it and make it look better.

    Off to the right you can see the drop in the floor. It's a 2" deep inset so that the litter can be deeper here. This is where the roosts will be. I'm debating either 1) wood chips or 2) sand.

    Cleanout door cutout. It's got a 2x4 joist sistered against it and screwed every 12". Not sure how high the door will be here. It's 2' wide however, which will be fairly easy to clean out via.

    The 2" drop in the back section. Once vinyl flooring is laid down there will be no issues with cleanup.

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