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I send as many extras as I have available... or as many as will fit in the box!

Please inquire directly about duck, guinea, peafowl, and turkey eggs, as they are seasonal.
Breeds we offer...
Exhibition B/B/S Cochins; Purebred B/B/S Ameraucana's, Easter Eggers, Plymouth Barred Rocks; Golden Laced Polish; Silver Laced Wyandottes; Golden Laced Wyandottes; Black Copper Marans; Cuckoo Marans; Light Brahma; Blue/Black Plymouth Rocks; Heritage Exhibition quality RIR's; Buff Orpingtons; Silkies and Showgirls in Black, B/B/S, White, Partridge, Grey; and project Bantam Marans; Bantam Mille Fluer Cochins; Call Ducks in White, Snowy, Chocolate and Gray; Guinea fowl in fancy colors; Peafowl in a variety of colors.
If you get the combo, you will get more extras.

My flock is small and well maintained. I work very hard to keep my birds healthy and happy, and it shows in the eggs!
Eggs that have been shipped from us also have been reported to have excellent hatch rates.

I can ship for you whenever you would like, just email me and sent payment a couple of days before you are ready for them and I will start saving eggs for you.

I ship USPS priority with delivery confirmation. Each egg is wrapped individually in bubble wrap, the box is well cushioned, then I add extra packing (styrofoam, newspaper, plastic bags) so nothing moves and the eggs don't touch the outside of the box.
I also sell DE, $2.50 per pound plus shipping.