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By Greenskeeper · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Located in Candler, North Carolina

    Black Copper Marans, Bearded Partrige Silkies and 1 Auracana​

    My story begins with helping mom with her chickens three years ago, now I am an Addict! I have always had a knack for keeping animals, this time I need more than affection in return! I seem to have built three Items this year. The first being a tractor to raise my Guineas and 10 chicks for mom, after they spent tons of time pooping up the Free rabbit hutch converted into a brooder of course!!
    These are all my creations !
    Click titles to go to each of the pages~
    The Tractor
    Averys Spring Disc Golf Coop
    The Breakfast Nook
    ~New for 2011~
    So I Have my Coops! Got some Birds! Now what to do?
    I was lucky enough to pick up two Hoverbators for free when I was picking a Greenhouse frame up. I saw a guy on Craig list looking for one also, and I Paid it forward by sharing one with him. I began collecting my eggs around Christmas of 2010. I got the incubator up to temperature. I even splurged on a turner! I have narcolepsy, so I can’t really guarantee turning three times a day. I set the First 9 eggs from moms Auracana on the 3rd of January. But I needed a way to candle??
    My Box Egg Candler
    Purchased Jan. 20th
    The Bower/Leahy #624

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