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  1. Golden Chicken Master
    I obtained my first animal related credentials from Animal Behavior College in 2002 [ABCDT], I attended the APDT's 5 day conference in 2003, written several excerpts
    and articles for dog behavior magazines over the years, including the APDT's Top Tips From Top Trainers book.
    Currently I hold a Master's of Science [M.S.] in Psychology, a Bachelor's in Science [B.S.] in Ladies, one of whom is recovering from an injury and may just remain a Psychology, a Diploma from Companion Animal Sciences Institute; Dip. CBST (Canine Behavior Science and Technology), successfully passed the CCPDT’s Certified Canine Behavior Consultant exam. Been a trainer since 2002, a behavior consultant since 2004 and a breeder since 2007. Educated through courses as well as plenty of hands on experience in canine behavior modification, veterinary assisting and canine breeding as well as human and animal psychology.

    I started breeding Goldens because I needed loyal and smart dogs that will love me unconditionally; I got into Doodles because of the demand and lower shedding factor as they are perfect as therapy/ emotional support dogs / service dogs. The majority of mine are emotional support dogs!
    I have 9 Goldens + (I have puppies I will be keeping some of), I have some awesome doodles and then there's the poodles, they are a different breed with a different attitude, just as many of you see in your chicken breeds.

    I am middle aged and have a toddler, hoping to have one more human before my time is up but life is full of demands and surprises so this may not be soon... Luckily the human race is living longer... Hope I am in that group lol.

    Anyway I am a complete animal lover and in April this year I got my chickens... egg layers, there were two oopses in the group that were not females lol... all in all I have one rooster now and 19 hens.

    I have 2 houses in Hilton NY of which one my retired dogs, chameleons, fish and the humans live and the other, directly across the street is my old house where I used to live and now my active breeding dogs and chickens live there as well as my cricket farm; they feed my chameleons and maybe chickys too.

    I am in a village but the neighbors havent minded the dogs since 2010, and they havent minded the chickens this year and I am hoping that stays that way because I just dumped 15k into my back yard not including what I put in the dog and chicken house !!! Really Dont want to move however my animals control me lol- and I am the behavior consultant... Figure that one!

    Anyway I bring my Roo in at night so he is in the house in his bird house at night and I bring him out around 8 am so he doesn't bother anyone in the middle of the night. Thus far no issues, luckily everyone here likes me and I do a lot for my community as well so as long as there's no complaints I am kosher... Keeping my fingers crossed. If not gonna need a BIG loan!!~!~ lol...

    I LOVE what I do, I love animals and I love putting love into the earth and getting love back in the form of food, peace and pleasure, being around these lovely creatures makes my stress subside and puts my mind in a whole new perspective.

    Paws out peeps!

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  1. MROO
    "Beautiful Babies ... ALL of them!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 16, 2019
    Welcome! And what a nice Intro! Your family, your entire family, regardless of how many legs or type of body coverings they sport ... is beautiful!


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