Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

Very resourceful! I love what you’ve done with what other people just throw away!
Great, I like ideas about using unorthodox materials, love the pics too.
It's amazing what you can find when you really look for it!
These are all great examples of keeping chickens on a budget!
I’ve been waiting for some article like this to be featured/shown to me! :) :wee
I’m on a tight budget and this’ll help me immensely!:goodpost:
Very helpful to ppl on budgets! I’m definetly doing the milk carton nesting boxes!
... the Queen of Freecycling!

You deserve 5 stars for your resourcefulness! Seriously, though - you list fantastic resources even we lowly peasants of freecycling can exploit. Great ideas! Great inspiration!
I got many inspirations from this article, especially like the PVC feeders
This just shows that chicken keeping need not be expensive. I would love to see more on how to build the feeder from pipe.
Some great suggestions and examples on how to think outside the box, recycle or transform materials that would otherwise be wasted or end up in the landfill!
this is fantastic!
I see ads all the time for old privacy fence I keep asking but DH wants new materials. :(

You go girl!
Really good in depth look at what is possible when you are on a limited budget! Love the accompanying photos too! Where there is a will there is a way! Your upcycled coop ended up looking really nice once painted etc. Great job!
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