Finishing up the Hen House! The peeps are getting big so they will move in before the house is done. This set the priority of what gets done first. I needed to get the wire on the run and the floor down in the house.

Linoleum floor tiles! This is looking more like a house now! The floor wasn't perfect but I made an attempt to smooth it out and followed the manufactures instructions before putting the tile down.


Stain! I used a solid stain and will stick to the color pallet of the buildings already on my property. My barn is gray and brown, my house is gray and violet...


I don't have time to put up inside walls. Here is a shot of the inside framing of the windows and the chicken door. It will have to due for now.


I put hardware cloth on the run. I used the 2x4 welded wire on the ducks run and had problems with it breaking at the joints so I thought I would try something different.


I nailed hardware cloth on the outsides of all the windows using fence staples. The trim was nailed over the hardware cloth.


Run and floor on page 1
Plans on page 2
Roof on page 3
Framing and Siding on page 4