My Flock!!!(part 3)
T his page will consist of other birds that will be placed or are in transition to be placed. Also my descesed birds, sorry pics limited for them. I don't know if I have mentioned this but to those who have not visitied the Hawaiian Islands, you may notice that my birds kind of reflect our people here. Like the people my chooks consist of mix types. This my sound funny but i guess it is true for my flock, at least. I hope you have enjoyed my pages and i will see you on the message board!! Please feel free to send Email/messages to me too. Mahalo!!!
To Be Placed/Placed/ Floaters!!!

Specks(SC) She is a white hen with black flecks in her plumage. She has a long, unique, and interesting mating line up until her. Her Great Grandmother was a Utility White Leghorn from the chicken farm, Legalia (RIP). Her Great Grandfather was a OEG Red-Shoulder Bantam, Manini (RIP). How they bread was never seen but he was the only Roo I had a the time. I tested, literally, two eggs indera broody. one brock and the other hatched. That chick was a pure white hen when she grew up, Miniala (RIP). Miniala, Specks Grandma, was inbetween the parents in size. She was bred to a Blind feral Game roo, Left Eye (RIP), that was top cheese prior to his passing. They inturn had her mother Mantre(RIP). She looked like Miniala but had black flecks and gold in and around her head. Mantre was mated to a Specked/Red-Shoulder Game roo I caught as a a juvinile. This produced Miss Specks. They all had other chicks but she was the white survivor. Mantre is also the mated to Beating Blood (RIP) to produce little miss Buffie, Specks half sister. Specks has no offspring yet. But she is in the Pattern Group with an EE roo. I hope for some cuties before she retires cause she is quite old.

Nite & Nikka

Blanche & Bianca