MY Tolbunt Polish

7/9/11- I picked up 18 Tolbunt eggs, from Jim Parker the Polish Club Secy- we had 6 hatch out, lost 2 remaining 4 are hens. We moved the "blue Tolbunt splash" to the mixed flock- so only 3 hens are in with my non bearded roo now. (her pics before she was moved are included still- to show what she turned out like as she was a blue saddle baby)

7/14/11- had 12 eggs out of Tolbunt hens (from Green Acres) bred to a Gold Lace rooster shipped in from GA- 5 hatched out- we have 2 roos & 3 hens that are Gold Lace split to Tolbunt

on to '12 season

4/5/12- got 15 eggs from Tolbunt roo(s) (from Green Acres) over several color of hens (some are split to Tolbunt) see what I get.... got 12 babies!!

4/11/12- got 14 eggs from Tolbunt roo (Bare Necessities) over 3 Tolbunt hens (2 creekside, 1 Jim Parker) and a GL hen in the pen we see what hatches...... got 6 babies!!

Plus have eggs in the bator from my 2 pens: clean GL split roo over 3 Tolbunt hens, and bearded GL split over 3 GL split hens- ALL my hens are bearded.....

Here is a link to my website of them:

I'm hoping at some point for 3-4 breeding pens for these guys (and a few grow out pens) when I have my own coop
1) Pure Tolbunt
2) Tolbunt x GL
3) Tolbunt x F1 Tolbunt carrier (like the GL/Tolbunt chicks)
4) Tolbunt x F2 Tolbunt carrier (if this is needed)

Gonna have to order more eggs...................

The "pure" Tolbunts as chicks:


The one on the left we lost, next one is very dark w/ mossy red on black feathers w/ white tipping, middle one looks pretty close- but heavy on the black, red one is 1/2 white w/ red and black patches, the blue one is almost all white with washed out tolbunt markings- she now lives in the mixed color Polish pen.

The Tolbunt/GL as chicks: