The Standard Polish Flock
Our Polish are kept in a mixed color flock seperate from the other breeds. If we want a certian color, we can seperate them in smaller breeding pens. These are standard (LF) NOT bantams!!!

Current Flock is:
1 Silver Lace roo (bearded) & 1 Gold Lace Roo
1 Silver Lace hen (bearded), 1 Gold Lace hen, 2 WC Black hens, 1 Splash hen, 1 Red hen, & 1 Blue Frizzle hen
current held back chicks are: 3 blue, 3 black capped white splash - they looked buff lace as babies!!, 2 Silver Lace & 5-6 Gold Lace from our eggs, plus 1 WC Blue & 4 WC Splash I picked up.