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The Comedihens

By LoriL · Jan 12, 2012 · Updated Apr 25, 2013 · ·
  1. LoriL
    My trio of comedihens are Lucy (New Hampshire red), Fanny (black-barred Cochin) and Gilda (Amercauna), hatched in May, 2011. Lucy is a loud broad; Fanny is the sweetest conversationalist; Gilda is the brains of the group, and my best layer. Each lays a uniquely different egg, making it easy to see who's holding out. So far, Fanny has unsuccessfully tried to hatch not only unfertilized eggs, but half an apple and a peanut butter sandwich. Love what they've added to our family!
    Above is Fanny, during her most recent hormonal episode


    Three different color eggs helps me keep up with who's contributing and who's holding out. Seems most pictures I take of the ladies are all fuzzy butts, but they are still photogenic.



    Gilda's still on the fence over the issue of backyard chickens.


    Lucy on the hunt for the another juicy bug.


    Winding down at dusk, just chillin' and catching a few last rays on the deck. About the only time they are sitting so still that I can photograph them all at once.


    Lucy in all her splendor. She is the hubby's pick for most beautiful comb.

    My constant companions, especially when getting into the winter garden's tunnels to harvest some greens for our table. After getting all I needed, I had to give the girls a few minutes to snack on some tasty parsley before closing it up again.

    Gossiping in the communal dust bath

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  1. Fluffers
    wow, that picture of Lucy is just stunning! (3rd from bottom)
  2. familyfarm1
    Gorgeous flock!
  3. N F C
    Very nice write up about your beautiful girls, I can tell you really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing!
  4. dikbiscuit
    Lol at trying to hatch a peanut butter sandwich.
  5. Aacre
    Very pretty! Thank you for sharing! :)
  6. brekke69
    they are a bunch of beauties. thanks for sharing.
  7. Whittni
    Thanks for sharing!
  8. mo puff
    one of my chickens is supposed to be an Americana, but i suspect she is an EE. I will prolly never know for sure.
    LOVE your pictures!
  9. LoriL
    She was called an Amercauna by Ideal, but she's probably just an Easter Egger. We love her patterns and colors, too. I wish I had room for one of each different breed-they all have something that I want!
  10. chicknnugget
    what type on hen is sitting on the seat of the lawn chair? I love the looks of her. They are all lovely,but the one looks like it could be a welsummer. I would love to own a Welly. Great pics! Thanks
  11. itsmechrissy
    We all love a good fuzzy butt! Thanks for sharing!
  12. LoriL
    Seems whenever I've got the camera, the only shot I can get is their fuzzy end, or a blur of motion :)
  13. GardenGal
    They're gorgeous as well :)

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