My Brooder!
My hubby the great guy that he is, help me build this wonderful brooder!
It was shelving from a clothing store.
As for the other materials we had them laying around the house so my cost was nothing.


STEP 1: What you need!

  • four 4x4 post
  • size depending you need about 3-5 1x2
  • 2-3 sheets of plywood
  • wire mesh
  • 1 inch screws
  • heavy duty staples
  • 4 hinges
  • 2 bolt locks
  • heat lamp
  • a water thingy
  • a food thingy
STEP 2:Build you frame

  1. Take you 4x4 and build your frame.
  2. Take you 1x2 a build your floors to the size you want and attach your plywood. (our floors are 3 feet by 4 feet)
  3. Attach your floor to the legs

STEP 3: Side walls!

As you can see here we attached the 1x1 to the inside of the plywood and used it to attach it to the floor. We left a 1 foot opening for the door. (My advice, go bigger!

ON the OUTSIDE of the brooder attach your wire so that the little babies don't cut themselves on the sharp edges.
USE gloves! I got a lot of cuts from this part of the project.
I used heavy duty staples to attach the wire. I made it clean and was easy to do.

STEP 5: The Final Touches
Attach your door with the hinges, make sure you have some type of lock so nothing can get in that you don't want in.

Here is the inside!

****After my first go round with babies the news paper is good to have on the bottom with pine chips on top! Babies POOP a lot!****

Close up of the top!

With Babies: