Tips for Selective Breeding for Egg Color in Small Flocks

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    Below is a list of all the egg colors we offer on our little slice of farm haven, The Maine Homestead located on a mountain in Bucksport, ME. This chart can be used for a basic understanding of chicken egg color chart and breeding program selections. Tips for your own breeding experiments are under each heading. We ship hatching eggs to the lower 48 US states.

    French Black Copper Maran (Bred for Copper-Red Color Selection)

    Deep reddish-brown colored eggs These dark colored eggs with a red hue allow for breeding our deep green toned Olive Eggers. They are a foundation color responsible for an array of other colors in our chicken egg color chart.

    French Black Copper Maran (Bred for Chocolate Color Selection)

    Brown-cracked colored eggs One in about two dozen hens I select for darker chocolate colors in my Maran flock end up laying these peculiar dark brown crackled color eggs. I’m in the process of experimenting with the ability to breed for this shell pattern to improve the selection in our chicken egg color chart.

    Partridge Cochin

    Brown speckled colored eggs Can be bred with an Ameraucana egg to result in Easter Egger offspring. Can be bred with Polish to create a lighter speckled tan egg. They account for the more average and mundane chicken egg color chart shades.

    White Ameraucana

    Light blue colored eggs These lovely blue eggs are the foundation for all the green shades below that are overwhelming populair and turely brighten up the chicken egg color chart. To increase coloration, select for the bluest eggs to incubate for several generations. Ensure you still meet breed standards and retain overall chicken health.

    White-Laced Buff Polish

    Pure white colored eggs. Gene carrier can be used to purely lighter other color lines without adding any tint. Resulting offspring ought to have top-hat crests. This not only allows for expansion in the color shades in the chicken egg color chart, but results in a highly attractive marketable chick for local sale.

    Olive Egger F1

    Sage green colored eggs. This is a gateway color for breeding with Marans, Ameraucanas and F2/M Olive Eggers. Their offspring will lay a lighter, darker, blue-tinted or forest green tinted egg depending on the fertilizing rooster. The offspring from these eggs are capable of producing all the combinations of green which make up the chicken egg color chart by using the right breen combinations.

    Olive Egger F1 x FBCM = Olive Egger F2

    True dark green black-flecked colored eggs. Breed these deep green egg layers with a polish for top-hat crested for offspring with amazing hairdos and true lime-green eggs. Alternatively, breed with F1 olive egger for a deep, forest green tone.

    Easter Egger F1

    Lighter aqua-green brown speckled colored eggs. Mix with an Ameraucana to increase breaded and muffed traits and hold onto aqua tint.

    Easter Egger F1 x WAM = Easter Egger F2

    Darker aqua-green colored eggs. Mix with Ameraucana for increased blue tint to a vivid aquamarine, and to retain bearded muffed traits.

    Easter Egger Recessive Pink

    Dusty-pink mauve white speckled colored eggs One out of every hundred or so F2 Easter Eggers will lay these pink eggs. Their offspring generally will lay either a light brown or almost gray-green egg. Very odd indeed!

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