Hello everyone from Happy Valley, California
Thought I'd share why we named our 8 acres "Dragonfly Ranch"

We moved to Happy Valley just 4 years ago to slow life down and live it to the fullest with the goal of leaving this planet with little to no regrets. Before moving we lived in the Napa Valley and enjoyed fine dining, the wine industry and all it has to offer. But we really wanted some land and as an aspiring metal artists we wanted a place to set up our welding shop. We looked first in the Sonora hills where our second home was located and we just couldn't find the right spot. As avid fly fishers, access to fishing waters is a BIG attraction. During a guided fishing trip on the Sacramento River one weekend the guide whose wife was a local real estate agent gave us a sales guide for the area. We had some reservations about the area since it is noted to be very hot in the summer - but what the heck let's check it out. Came up one weekend and looked around - nothing was floating our boat - but we kept coming across this one piece of property. Talked to the agent and she indicated that it was a bit out of town and had been on the market for 8 months. We decided that there was something about it and we needed to check it out. We made arrangements for it to be the last house of the day. As they say, you know the place the minute you walk in. WOW! Check out the views - Mt. Shasta to the left and Mt. Lassen to the right very panoramic with all the hills in between. The property sits atop a canyon and area was very rural but there was 2 flat acres for nice garden. We do have one neighbor within ear shot but trees block view and gives you a sense of privacy. Then the cherry on top - a 1500 square foot shop/garage. Two giant roll up doors and two stories high. We were SOLD. Closed escrow within 60 days and moved.
So get to the name already!

Owners sold us ride-around lawn mower since there is a large lawn area surrounding the house. One day as I was happily mowing the lawn and noticed a lot of Dragonflies buzzing around and got thinking. We were both born in the year of the Dragon, Dragonflies on the property, we both fly fish and the light came on "DRAGONFLY RANCH". We have had great fun with the name since. When we remodeled the fire place hearth we put stone on the back and incorporated a Dragonfly into the stone work. The old barn got a plaque with Dragonfly Ranch on it and we sell our vegetables and jam/jellies under the name of Dragonfly Ranch and people always love the name.
Well. long story to tell about the name but just wanted to share. And, yes we are living our dream and even more of it came true on February 16, 2009, when we got our first baby one day old chickens. Ten laying hens, 2 each of 5 different breeds, Red Stars, Light Brahms, Single Comb Brown Leghorns, Silver Lace and Americana. They are a blast and we are having great fun with them. Now we have found this site and are spending too much time on it but learning so much and everyone is so wonderful and helpful.

We'll post some pictures of our place in a couple of days to show you the barn, coop and one of our mental works of art.