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    Wyandotte breeding

    The mixed roos will be split for silver and gold, meaning that bred back to either SLW or GLW they should give both SLW and GLW hens. Mix roo over GLW hens should give both GLW and mixed roos, while Mix roo over SLW hens should give both SLW and mixed roos.
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    Wyandotte breeding

    SLW rooster with GLW hens gives SLW hens and mixed roosters. They're not distinguishable at hatch, and the first feathers that show will look silver in the roosters as well. The yellow/gold plumage won't show until the roosters could be told apart from the hens by other traits as well. GLW...
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    Help, I can't decide

    You'll get a lot of different advice here, I warrant. People have different fave breeds ;) When I first started out I got Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps, then later got some Wyandottes and now am completely hooked on Wyandottes. The three are pretty similar kinds of birds in my view, as...
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    Humidity for duck eggs..???

    Thanks again for your help! Hopefully everything will keep on track - fingers crossed!
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    Humidity for duck eggs..???

    I got some really good advice for incubating Indian Runner eggs earlier - now I have one more question! I don't have a humidity pump for my incubator, and the humidity fluctuates between 53 and 55 %... I was told to keep it at 55%. Is this too much fluctuation, and how much is it going to...
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    Chicken Run 2009

    My Chicken Run I have a variety of mixes, which I will not dwell much upon here. Just for introduction: They are 2 GLW/Australorps which are very nice hens, a couple of Barnevelder/Maran, and a few Italian/Norwegian Jaerhons/unknown that I am not to fond of to tell you the truth, though they...
  7. Past Chooks

    Past Chooks

    Past Chooks Here's a few of our past chooks, from the era where they all had names :) We started out with Orpingtons and Australorps, then added GLW. Bred a few GLWs and GLW/Autralorps. Added one Brahma and two New Hampshires. Bred a few GLW/New Hampshires...Well that about sums it up for the...
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    The Choice

    The Chickens This year's batch hatched June 6th 2009 and has resulted in 3 SLW and 1 White Pullet (apparantly a recessive white), and some mishaps such as broken leg and wing has left us with 2 SLW Roo Chickens. In addition I got a GLW Roo Chicken from someone else, that I hope will turn out...
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    Celticmoon1s Page

    My Chicken Run I have a small hobby flock of chickens, some mixes but mostly pure (and weeding out the others, though new ones tend to sneak in). The "outsiders" of my current (2011) flock are: Araucana (European standard), Wyandotte/Australorps, Wyandotte/Norwegian Jærhøne/Leghorn mix. I am...
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    Please help - I'l be setting Indian Runner eggs for the first time!

    Thanks! "Thankfully" my coop is overrun with Wyandottes as it is so I'll just have to close my eyes to the duckling cuteness. Would've been good to have some myself to train herding with, but I'm thinking my friend owes me a few sessions with hers after I've hatched them What's nician though...
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    Please help - I'l be setting Indian Runner eggs for the first time!

    Thanks! I only found one "how-to" recipe, and it said 70% humidity for the whole time... but then, don't believe everything you read on the web, eh? How are the shells? Any harder to candle than chicken eggs (we have brown layers so I'm used to candling more difficult eggs than the white...
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    Please help - I'l be setting Indian Runner eggs for the first time!

    It seems I just promised to set some Indian Runner eggs for a friend of mine. Problem is, I've never hatched ducklings before. Soooo - what's different from chickens? Anything I need to take into account? Any and every advice welcome!
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    The Wyandotte Thread

    Quote: ..... They had/have pretty dottes though! Edited by staff. Oh OK... I'm not familiar with the auctions and stuff as I'm not from USA, I kind of think of this site as just a forum Don't know what one would achieve with the high bidding anyhow...
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    The Wyandotte Thread

    Quote: Edited by Staff I probably won't sell nationally until 2013. Still trying to aquire breeding stock of quality blues and blacks. I'll definately bookmark that page! Edited by Staff They had/have pretty dottes though!
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    BLUE ISBARS - Pictures and discussion

    There are some pics here:,%20Isbar.htm
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