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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Flighty due to limited vision. Can catch a breeze and clear a 6 foot fence. Can and do walk into walls and door frames. Beware if you bend down to pick them up and are directly above them, as they can leap straight up in the air. Other than that I have only had one nasty rooster in 10 years...
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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had Polish for 10 years and have only had one go broody. She injured the first chick to hatch. I took the rest and gave them to a dependable silkie.
  3. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Luna, I think you know me well enough to know that I don't beat around the bush. What makes you think that you need to hide your stress and frustration from the man that saw you through your treatments?( rhetorical question) I have a feeling he is probably dealing with similar feelings. You...
  4. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Chicknmania. I can't image losing a sibling. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  5. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    I think this feeling could be normal for what you have been through. You have put up such a fight that your mind and body is taking a vacation. (kind of like the day after Christmas feeling only more serious) It is possible that this is needed down time to figure out what you really want to do...
  6. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Oh my goodness, Luna. I am glad that your hubby has you by his side. And I am sad that you are venturing down this path again. But, I am going to believe that it is only a short detour and that there will be a positive road ahead. Hugs to you my friend.
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    Member Pages?

    I know this is an older post...but, I can't even find my member's page anymore. Did the pages not move with us, when the site changed? I had a page on deciding the gender of polish chicks that I wanted to share with a new member.
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    Chicken Crafts! (Show Off Your Craftiness)

    Polish Roo as gift for a friend this past Christmas. A rare Maine Whydots potholder, she says with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek. A french hen potholder
  9. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    CM....WOW!!!! Wonderful news. Waiting for the update, not very patiently.
  10. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Well girly (CM) if you are going to talk to imaginary people at least make it someone worth looking at.....tan and handsome pool boy maybe? ;) I hope you are feeling better by now. How long do you have between treatments? And I haven't heard anything about those wonderful doggies of yours for a...
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    I agree with your assessment HeatherLynn regarding the individuals on this thread. Pretty amazing folks. Now.....Cindi...I'm ready for an update. How are you feeling? And may we all have something to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. I know I am thankful for the cyber friends on this...
  12. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Great news, wishes with the start of your new treatment tomorrow!
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    Chic on the right APHA 13 year old mare, Scoot, left 15 year old red dun AQHA gelding.Scoot is the son of Lacy. Dudley, red dun APHA, 6 years old. Out of Lacy, by Willie Willie, 13 year old War Bonnet APHA, sire to Dudley. Now a gelding. This is called red neck sledding in Maine. It...
  14. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    Hardly a storm here....I have seen more wind on a normal day. Rained pretty hard and had some odd thunderstorms the day after the Hurricane. How did you make out?
  15. verthandi about.....CANCER SUPPORT THREAD !!

    You don't know how happy I am to hear this type of positive news. You go, woman!!!! I love that you e-mailed the White House. :)
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