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    Cornbread Bacon Casserole

    Ingredients: Cornbread 1 c. sugar 1/2 c. butter or margarine 3 eggs 1 c. sweet milk 2 tsp. baking powder pinch salt 1 c. cornmeal 1 c. flour Casserole 1 (16-oz.) pkg. bacon 6-8 eggs 1 c. grated cheddar cheese Cooking Instructions Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs. Beat well and add milk. Add...
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    From Scratch Chicken Noodle Soup

    Ingredients: Broth 4 lbs. fresh or frozen chicken thighs 1/2 c. chopped onion 1 c. chopped celery (optional) 1 c. chopped carrot (optional Noodles 4 lg. whole eggs 1/2 tsp. salt 1 to 2 c. flour Cooking Instructions Put the chicken thighs in a large slow cooker, frozen or thawed. Add...
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    Warmfuzziess Page

    The Chicken Woman's Place Me and Molly my Standard Black Cochin Welcome to my page! I am called 'chicken woman' by a lot af my friends, and even some of the neighbors. I had chickens and ducks as a teenager, and then last year I put in an order with a friend for 6 standard cochins and 6...
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    50 chicks gone...

    We will be getting more. My MIL told my hubby yesterday that we will order them as soon as we can get the chicken house secured better. Half of the chicks were theirs. We need a latch plate and a better lock, maybe a hook and eye. We are also going to move the run so that the people...
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    50 chicks gone...

    No it was an animal because the three that we found were dead and ripped open, they just missed them when they were gorging. I found out now that the door will unlatch and open if you push on it hard enough, but it had to have been a big dog to do it. I just keep watching out the door because...
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    50 chicks gone...

    I just need a little sympathy. We got 50 chicks on Friday. They are all gone now. Something broke into the chicken house and ate them all in the middle of the morning (about 10 AM). We were right here in the house, and I had just been out there and checked on them. I was going to go back...
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    And here I thought SSS was only for BYC folks

    My dad's said that for years. So did his dad.
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    Hatchery Shout-out

    The hatcheries are all far from us. The chick still has to be healthy to begin with to make it safely. We have both good and bad stories from other hatcheries, but Welp has always done us right.
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    differentiating similar breeds

    Is there a way to tell tiny chicks apart as far as hatchery birds go? I am thinking: Buff Orpington VS Buff Rock RIR VS New Hampshire VS Production red Barred Rock VS Black Giants or other black birds I know that you look at comb types and leg colors, but when the comb type is the same, as...
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    Hatchery Shout-out

    I just have to share for anyone who is shopping around. We love Welp! Not only are they the cheapest I have found (and I have done a lot of shopping ) but they are VERY healthy chicks. Ours arrived Yesterday morning. They are all thriving, no sick or dead on arrival, and they are quite...
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    Buk buk buk ACK Rooster duel

    That sounds like the sound that mine make when something is bothering them. The hens do it too. Almost a distress call of sorts.
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    [LIST - Over 1,000 names!] Chicken names!

    Oosey Jeroboam Rehoboam All roosters. The first is what my husband's family have always called their roosters. The second two are kings from the Bible, and what my Mom named her two roosters.
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    Am I right? Breed guessing game!!

    These are assorted brown egg layers from Welp. These are the only ones with rose combs. I am guessing Golden Laced Wyandottes. Partridge rock. I have had these before, see my avatar? These are the only ones that are really puzzling me. Straight comb, pinkish legs. They aren't...
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    Ack, time to get the brooder ready NOW!

    Quote: Me too!! Must. Clean. Bathroom.
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    Ack, time to get the brooder ready NOW!

    Ok I got mine early this morning but I wasn't able to take too many pictures because the batteries were dead. Here they are: We ordered 45, got 50. A yellow one: Another Yellow one. Partridge Rock Sorry the pictures are so big. I got them from FB so I am not sure how to resize...
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