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    Brown and White
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    Large Fowl
    This species breeds widely in Africa except in deserts and dense forests. They are found mostly in the Nile Valley and south of the Sahara.Egyptian Geese were domesticated by the Ancient Egyptians and figured prominently in Egyptian art of that period. They and Sacred Ibises were considered sacred.
    Romans and Greeks also kept them as domestic poultry.
    It has also been introduced elsewhere: Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany, the British population dating back to the 18th century, though only formally added to the British list in 1971. In Britain, it is found mainly in East Anglia, in parkland with lakes.
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    Both sexes have patches of chestnut-colored feathers around each eye. Some of them have gray-brown upper parts; others are red-brown. They have black tails and yellow eyes; their bills, legs and feet are pink. Sexes are alike, but the females are somewhat smaller. Males hiss and females make a cackling noise. Egyptian Geese Can be very pugnacious and aggressive, especially during breeding season. They often Break other waterfowl's eggs to make a nest of their own. Females incubate a clutch of 5-8 eggs for about 28 days. Egyptian geese typically eat seeds, leaves, grasses, and plant stems. Occasionally, they will eat locusts, worms, or other small animals.







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  1. Nate Akeley
    Nice job on the origin.
  2. Twistedfeather
    "Egyptian Goose"
    Pros - Beautiful, Small, Showy birds, Probably the best choice for guard geese.
    Cons - Aggressive and Strong and poses a threat to other waterfowl
    Not the goose for the beginner fancier, The egyptian goose is not a true goose but is more related to a shelduck They were bred to be a guard goose in the Egyptian culture. They have been banned from Oregon because of their aggression and their threat to other birds as they have been known to kill other birds they are also considered the strongest and smallest goose. They are the only goose that shows a lustrous color and have orange legs. If you are looking for a pet bird to add to your flock you might want to try a different more docile breed.
  3. mommyof2kings85
    "Love my little geese"
    Pros - Good for bugs, sweet, eats grass
    Cons - Loud, shy, take 2 years to lay
    love this beautiful geese, they are good with bugs, grass and keeps the others in line. Love the colors and the sounds they make, they can be loud and are kinda shy. They take 2 years to start lay but I cant wait to see the babys they make.
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  1. Melbeforeyou
    I love this one, wonder if I can find them? Or are they no longer around or available?

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