1. M

    Aggressive rooster injuring humans

    Desperate family here looking for advice. Our rooster (1 year 2 months) is a modern day velociraptor. He's given my dad a several inch long scar on his leg and I just got a puncture wound to my knee that is deep enough to make it difficult to move my knee. The hens all are missing patches of...
  2. mclennanchicks

    Trying to get a companion for "blind" chicken

    Hi, So I have a gold Wyandotte who has a depth perception issue. She was attacked by the flock and has been separated for some months now. We downsized our flock by selling all of our other gold and silver wyandottes. So I was reading about "docile" chicken breeds and was wondering, if I...
  3. Debutante

    Can you train chickens to NOT peck you so hard?

    This may seem like an idiotic question but my almost 5-week-old pullets (mostly, I hope) have started pecking our hands quite hard. This is not a big deal for me but it is frightening and painful for my little grandchildren. We want these hens to be "pets" and I don't believe they're being...
  4. zogmonster

    young chicken becoming aggressive with me

    Hi, My chickens are about 18 weeks old now, and one of them, a red star has suddenly become very aggressive with me, pecking at my clothes and giving me the hairy side eye! She's come at me and I shoo her away but today she jumped up and pushed her chest out like she want to rumble! I've heard...
  5. L

    Rooster Starting to Attack!

    Hello, everybody! I have nineteen chickens in the run, and two of them are roosters. One's a barred rock, another's breed is not identified yet. They're about six months old, and the barred rock rooster is the sweetest thing a rooster could be. It comes near me, lets me pet it, and hand feed it...
  6. Chicken Little Lady

    Help please! My rooster is attacking the hens.

    Hi Everyone! I'm a first time keeper and could really do with some help please! We have had 4 pekin bantams all from the same hatch and breeder since they were two weeks old. 1 rooster and 3 hens...well we think!! We also bought 2 Silkie bantams again from the same hatch and introduced them...
  7. Dawnclucks22

    Will my dominant hen kill the chicks?

    My bantam hen recently went broody and we thought it might be fun to get her some fertilized eggs to sit on. However, not only is she very low on the pecking order, but my dominant hen (we don't have a rooster) can be very aggressive at times. Will she kill the chicks? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. 5Pedschickens

    Wound help

    I just introduced my 2 brahmas, 2 barred rocks and 2 black sex links to the existing flock this past Friday. The Isa Browns seem to be very aggressive towards the newbies. I have tagged one that I caught being mean. Today both Barred Rocks were attacked rather viciously, to the point that...
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