Jul 7, 2016
Berkeley California
When we brought home this "buff oprington" chick 4 months ago, we were certainly in for a surprise.
Not only is it clearly not a BO thanks to its huge comb and feathered feet, it's also 1/3 larger than the entire rest of the flock (even the 2 year old Welsummers), and we suspect it's a roo.

It's VERY aggressive with the rest of the flock and with me. Honestly, I'm a little afraid of it. And it behaves really differently from the rest of the gals. The kicker is that ONE of our 8 has been crowing a pathetic crow the past 2 mornings. But, by the time I make it out of bed and outside to see who it is, the bugling is over. SO, based on behavior alone, this is the primary suspect.

What do you think, oh wise backyardchickens folk. Is this a hen or a roo?


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Aug 26, 2009
Out to pasture
Buff Cochin cockerel - and he is giving the breed bad PR. Shame on him for being aggressive towards humans. Totally agree with Sourland. He needs to be invited to dinner as the main course. NEVER a good reason to keep a BAD roo. So many good ones desperate for homes because of rooster restrictions.

If you have children, this guy needs to be OUT of your life by yesterday.

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