Silkie vs. ISA brown


Mar 1, 2018
Hi! I'm new to the chicken owning hobby and recently bought seven 1 week old chicks from my local TSC. These chicks happen to be Isa browns, and I'm getting silkies from a breeder in about a week and a half. By the time I get the silkies, they will be a few days old while the isa browns will be around 3 weeks. I just recently learned of their aggressive nature when it comes to assimilating other breeds into the flock, and now I'm fearful for my poor silkie babies. Since they both will still be young, is it a possibility that I can put the chicks together and the silkies won't be pecked to death? I just don't want to risk them getting hurt.
Mar 19, 2011
NW Oregon
It could work...there is always that chance, depending upon the temperament of your birds, but there is a real risk since the Silkie babies are much smaller than the ISA chicks both due to age and due to breed size.

There is also a risk because Silkies have domed skulls that are very vulnerable to head injury when young. Heavy pecking on the head could cause brain injury.

So, if it were me, I'd keep the two separate until the Silkies were much older. I have had flock members do fine with my Silkies, but many find the crest and lower sized bird simply too tempting to peck at and hassle. And Silkies are not fast on their feet. They waddle rather than run, so they don't escape aggressive hens well.

I use my Silkies for brooding, so eventually, I simply built a separate brooding hutch with pen and kept them completely separate. The Silkies were happy.

My experience.
Aug 13, 2017
the coop
I wouldn't mix them given the age differences. Though it sometimes works, it is risky.

Isa browns are a type of Sex link. They tend to be very friendly (particularly with one another) but can be bossy... particularly with smaller breeds. Additionally, silkie chicks have crests (which means they are more susceptible to brain damage if beaten upon). Crests are also very tempting for other birds to pick on.

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