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  1. T

    Cali chickens and coops

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I have had my backyard flock for about 2 years now but I am just starting to get serious about all of it. Love raising chickens and I hope to build a business around it. I just started incubating my own eggs and have successfully...
  2. Laura lim

    Thease guys looks to months old to you?

    I am now the proud owner of 3 ayam cemani chicks. But I was told they were 2 months that old but they are sooooo small compared to my other 2 month old chicks. (They are barred rocks) am I mistaken or did I just not realize how small this chicken breeds is?
  3. Lonnie B

    Trouble with Feather Lovers Farm

    Wanting to find out if anyone else has gotten took by Feather Lovers Farm at featherloversfarm.com I bought 24 Ayam Cemani's FLF and $654.00 worth of Silver Laced Orpington's back in March 2017 and I did receive my 24 Ayam Cemani chicks even tho only 11 survived at $100.00 each. These were...
  4. SeaPolka

    Ayam Cemani cocks?

    I bought three Ayam Cemani yesterday, I know one is a cockerel. There's two I think are cockerels but people keep telling me they look like pullets. Bird number 1: Bird number 2: And all three of them: Does anyone know? Their tails seem cockerel like to me but I've seen pullets looking...
  5. Toprel

    Greetings, Newbie here!

    Greeting all, I'm Toprel, aka Craig. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes very much so. We received our first batch of chicks about seven weeks ago. My wife has raised chickens before, but I'm very new to this. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? My wife...
  6. Ayam onthe Farm

    Ayam Cemani Chicks for Sale

    Extraordinarily Unique, Reasonably Priced. We have some beautiful Ayam Cemani Chicks for sale. Their parents are directly from Greenfire Farms and were $200 each. These are NOT imitation Ayam Cemani. They are the real deal with VERY beautiful parents. We just don't feel like anybody should pay...
  7. kllyjansen

    Ayam Cemani future breeding quad

    10 week old Ayam Cemanis. 3 pullets, 1 cockerel. Black, black, black. Not a speck of white: black combs, black beaks, black waddles, black feet, black feathers. Mouths are grey-black. Greenfire lines, a couple generations removed. Note that picture is from a couple weeks ago (can get...
  8. BFFpoultry

    Looking for Fibromelanotic Poultry

    Hello! My name is Sarah B from the Northern Illinois area. I am looking for any pedigree breeders of fibromelanotic poultry (these are poultry exhibiting hyperpigmentation making their cells appear black). So far, my research has noted the two breeds exhibiting this phenotype fully is the Ayam...
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