egg production

  1. cacooley

    My Black Australorps Haven't Layed Yet

    They were born in early June. Shouldn't I have eggs by now?
  2. T

    Egg Production is Down

    Earlier this year, I introduced 4 new chicks to my flock bringing the total to 10. One of the chicks escaped the first week. Once they were old enough I incorporated them all together in the same run. I almost immediately saw the number of eggs drop from 5-6 a day to 4 consistently. Then one of...
  3. Mustafa Aamir

    Quail Eggs production in winters without 12hrs light

    Hi, i have 1 male and 4 female cotournix quails, they have stopped laying eggs completely due to winters approaching... i am unable to provide them with light 12hrs a day but i try to. are there any other way that from which quails can start laying again... maybe change in diet or something.
  4. Malpal55

    Egg production

    I'm looking for recommendations of chicken breeds with high egg production. All the research I have done hasn't been very productive. What breeds lay the most in your flock? Of course I love chickens and don't plan to pump as many eggs out of them as I can, I would just like to keep my flock on...
  5. IamRainey

    I've had 10 eggs in 4 days from 9 hens

    They laid fine all winter long. Now days are getting longer and they'll slacking off. Never had such low production. What gives? 3 of them are not a year old yet 4 of them are about 2 years old 2 of them are close to 3 years old They all live inside their coop/run 24/7. I was probably...
  6. BestDiscoMan13

    What's the best egg laying chicken breed?

    What's the best chicken breed for egg production? I want a fantastic egg laying chicken that has a long lifespan that lays alot of eggs, I would also like it not to eat much food so it's easy to feed. Any idea what kind of chicken breed would be good for me?
  7. MapleKehDucks

    Please Help, My Ducks Aren't Laying Eggs!

    Hello fellow feather-loving friends! Every since my ducks were laying-age, my family has enjoyed a VERY steady supply of duck eggs. My Pekins being the best layers, providing 1 egg every day (only taking a 5 day break a month). As of the first week of August 2019, my ducks began molting. There...
  8. Farmer Connie

    How Hens produce their daily Egg:

    I came across this gem. Thought I'd share-
  9. A

    How many eggs does your SFH lay..?

    I really like the idea of having a flock of friendly birds, and Swedish Flower Hens seem perfect for that; but, it's hard to find an official amount of eggs I should expect... Which is why I'm on this site. Because so many people here know so much more about chickens than I do. Thank you...
  10. 3bird

    Decreased Egg Production - Ideas?

    Hi All. Our wee flock of six sliver Appleyards (one drake and five ducks) has dropped egg production from a consistent 4 eggs/day earlier this spring (sometimes 5) to 1 or 2 eggs/day (it's mid-July now). The ducks are two years old, and we live on the coast of Maine. They free range for an...
  11. A

    Normal amount of eggs?

    I have 5 laying hens (3 Easter Eggers and 2 Buff Orpingtons) that are 3 years old, and a Blue Australorp that is a year old and we're getting 1-2 eggs per day during spring and summer now. Does this sound normal? This is my second flock and I feel like our first flock we were always drowning in...
  12. K

    Broody hen laying but two other hens not?

    It’s summer time here when egg production should be higher. I have a mama hen and a rooster and their two baby hens (all bantams) that just started their first laying season this year. They have been laying eggs like crazy all spring. A couple weeks ago my mama hen started showing signs of going...
  13. MomJones

    Floating Catfish Food = Consistent High Quality Eggs

    So who out there has tried floating catfish food? Well I highly recommend it. We started keeping chickens in 2017 (after doing a ton of research on which birds we wanted, etc) and have been supplementing their diets daily with a "treat" of about a quart of floating catfish food which we buy at...
  14. D

    Lighting For Egg Production?

    Question: Best lighting for egg production? My understanding is that chickens need/prefer 16 hours of light to help lay eggs. This is why many coops experience a sharp decrease in eggs during the winter. In order to supplement the lighting many add an orange or red light bulb in the coop (not...
  15. S

    New to quail, need some questions answered

    I recently got my hands on 16 Japanese quail about 3 weeks or so ago i have them in a 7'x7' flight pen with a hide box.(Pictures below), is do have supplemental lighting in the form of some solar lights. sun rises here at south west Az at 7:45 am and i turn the lights off at 10:00 pm. My...
  16. RTsFFF

    Leghorn Layers

    I have been raising White Leghorns for a couple years now and they are by far my most frequent and prolific layers, dropping eggs almost every day and at least 25% larger than my next closest (Rhode Island Reds). So I'm about to add more Leghorns into the flock for that great production. My...
  17. Chicks 'n ducks

    I don't think the girls know it's winter...

    Well, I am down to just two mature hens, a rooster, and their three babies, all of which are silkies. Olly: and Pippin: we were in the mountains to ski and a family member house sat for us. we were gone for 7 days, and we come back to this: Two eggs a day from probably the worst laying breed...
  18. suzychappstick

    Winter issues in MN

    Hi all! Right now I have 8 hens. 5 (1 ISA Brown, 3 Ameraucanas, 2 RIR) of the 8 are about 3 years, 1 (Olive Egger) is 1 1/2 years and the last one (Easter Egger) about 10 months. The 3 year olds and 1 1/2 were clearly molting and egg production slowly came to a halt. However, my ISA Brown was...
  19. M

    15 hens, 6 mo to 5 years all stopped laying

    We've had chickens for 10+ years, usually keep a flock of around 20. We add a few pullets every year or so to keep egg production up. Currently we have 13 laying-age hens, 6 are between 6-9 months old, the rest vary 1-5 years. We've always had good egg production (6-8/day), even some laying...
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