1. D

    Muscovy Essential Items Kit

    Can anyone please provide a list of essential items to have on hand for both general Muscovy health maintenance and emergency intervention such as vitamins, apple cider vinegar, calcium for egg-laying females, dewormer, charcoal, correct size tubing, etc. with appropriate dosing and anything...
  2. K

    Emergency help I dropped a hatching egg

    Please help what do I do I dropped a hatching egg pretty hard I was moving them to another incubator they are due today should I leave him alone or get him out fast. I do have experience hatching eggs and have had to assist many only lost 2. I’ll attach a pic this just happened 5 min ago please...
  3. R

    HURT LEG??

    My 5-month-old Polish Bantam Rooster has suddenly started limping. At first, I thought he would trip because he couldn't see (His head feathers are very big), but I've been observing him more closely. He walks around normally but sometimes stumbles while walking and he sits down when he eats. He...
  4. Santiago_H06

    Chicken attacked by puppies

    While doing my online classes I heard a pained squak outside and found out my chicken had somehow got to the next door neighbors and was being attacked by the dogs. I got him back and looked at the injury and it was pretty bad. His skin was torn away to right of his butt. Muscles and bone were...
  5. Nelson-Collier

    🚨 Potential Dying Hen? Help??!

    (Pictures provided below.) One of my 7 laying hens has been extremely lethargic and listless for the past couple of days. I first noticed it when I let them out the other day to roam while supervised (I have a large caged in run I keep them in, adequate feed and water). After they all ran out...
  6. K

    Peking duck rapidly declining in health advice needed

    Hello! I live in a residential neighborhood with a decent sized lake in the backyard. Well someone decided it was a good idea to dump 3 Peking ducks with clipped wings in the lake to fend for themselves. I enjoy sitting on the dock and feeding the fish, so naturally they took to me. I have...
  7. S

    chicken with big white bubbles on feet

    My four year old Barred Rock hen has really cracked looking feet, with two or three white masses on them. I keep her coop clean, she has access to fresh food, oyster shells, and water. What are these, and how do I help her get rid of them/prevent them for the future? Thank you!!
  8. M

    Please help! Small chick wont move or stand! Several others already dead

    The past two days two other chicks have died. They seem to have low energy at first before they just lay down and stop moving. I tried feeding them sugar water and egg white thinking that they might have low energy. Once i did that they seemed to regain some movement before they just drop dead...
  9. B

    Are my chickens sick?

    I’m really worried about my chickens. Yesterday, Bok Bok almost got heat exhaustion but I took her inside. Her comb is still very pale the day after My other two chickens Hei Hei and Nugget have white spots on their combs. What does this mean? -I also gave them water with electrolytes
  10. V

    Chicken throat puke thing???!!!!

    I lock my chickens up for the day and come back two seconds later and there is a weird growth protruding from my chicken's mouth. It was like an organ and looked a lot like she had swallowed a bee. I was unable to get a picture because this all happened so fast but this is exactly what it looked...
  11. M

    Help for poor little chick

    Hello all ! I am currently trying to save a 3 week old chick ! Here’s the story / information Friend of mine got herself some back yard chickens without much prior knowledge . She had them on chick starter but then began giving them treats and short visits out on the grass on sunny days . She...
  12. hailey113004


    So, I accidentally fed my baby chicks mealworms, corn, and other feed that wasn’t right for theor age. Now two of their crops are swollen and one of them is having trouble breathing. I don’t know what to do and I terrified of loosing these babies. :( Can someone PLEASE help me figure out what is...
  13. divineangel94


    What does it mean if your hen is slow, barely eating, has a big butt, and poops watery green poop? She still chases treats, and hangs around everybody. And even pecks every once in a while. Sometimes she will just sleep too. She even still cleans her own feathers.
  14. DatCrazyChickenLady

    EMERGENCY! Hen has BAD sour crop!

    Hello! I am in a bit of a tough situation. My hen was attacked by my dog, and has developed sour crop. I’m not sure if it developed before or after the attack. I am trying to research how to test it but there are so many different treatments I don’t know which one is best to use! I’m very...
  15. H

    Can’t stop the pecking

    HELP!!! I have 5 chickens and the pecking won’t stop. It has been for a while now and I have one chicken with no butt feathers at all and a few with neck feathers gone but I just noticed one who I feel is definitely smaller then the rest with a bloody wing. We have done everything, switched to a...
  16. M

    Hole in bill!?

    When I was letting my ducks roam the yard today I noticed my girl Daisy has a hole in her bill. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain and has been eating and drinking normally. I honestly am not sure how or when this happened, she was rescued from a kill house so she doesn’t ever really let me...
  17. T

    Help, my Ducks are sick

    Hi all. So i have 3 ducks, 2 for the past three years, and one for 6. This afternoon I found one had passed away. This was a complete shock to me because they were lively and fine up until this.... well I was bathing the other two ducks (they’re kept indoors), and when I put them back in their...
  18. Norcalexplorer

    HELP! My 8wk Saxony barely keeping her L eye open and has a hoarse voice (new vid )

    Topic below the pics Her with her eye closed Hi my fellow bird lovers, as the title reads my 8 week old saxony is barely opening her left eye. When she does open it I can see the corner is red and irritated. As I was spending time with beauties this morning I also noticed her voice is very...
  19. tifaus

    Something is wrong with my newly hatched chick

    Hello, This baby hatched sometime today. When we went out to check, the baby was out of the egg and laying in front of my hen. It has not opened its eyes and is still in the "smashed in a egg" position. It has not gotten up and is still breathing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  20. BuggerChicken01

    Please help! Bantam is egg bound and I accidentally got NutriDrentch in her lungs

    My Dutch bantam hen had not been acting right for a few days and I had felt that she was significantly heavier in her abdomen. I realized she is egg bound because she shows all the signs, and started soaking her in warm water and massaging it. It has been four days now and she has stopped...
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