(Pictures provided below.) One of my 7 laying hens has been extremely lethargic and listless for the past couple of days. I first noticed it when I let them out the other day to roam while supervised (I have a large caged in run I keep them in, adequate feed and water). After they all ran out, they played a little. I was working on planting collards. I noticed she, unlike the others who were energetic and very curious, was sitting beside a log almost like she was sleeping, head drooped down. Fast forward 2-3 days, I went to check on the chickens to let them out again. I noticed one was lying under the ramp that leads up into the coop, just chilling. I throw some black oil sunflower seed out, and they all eat it. She gets up very slowly and starts working her way over, begins pecking a few, and a few of the others begin bullying her, and biting at her kneel and her waddle. I can’t tolerate bullying, and the only thing nearby was a (weak) jet hose, So, (forgive me) I sprayed the ones bullying her to get them away as quickly as possible. I watched her for a bit while she was alone (the others were afraid of the hose I had in my hand :lau) and she just stood there... I knew something was up. When I first noticed her acting strange, I suspected coccidiosis and treated them with Corid (I've treated coccidiosis before with my chickens). So I checked on them a few times a day, made sure everything was alright, And now we’re here today. She was standing in the run, basically falling asleep right where she stood, head drooped down. I decided to separate her (I wanted to observe her first), put her in a plastic tote, gave her food and water. I’ve checked on her frequently today and, she drank water out of a small cup a few times but hasn’t seemed to drink much if any of the water I gave her (I did show her the water and food), or eat much of the food. I checked on her, and I noticed something disturbing. A simple google search found something rather disturbing and worrying as well.... I’ll be active on this thread and will post pictures and answer questions, I just need help fast. On photos 1-4 you notice a darkened head, a dark waddle with ooze (not blood I checked), yellow poop, lethargy, she’s sleeping, had food and water. It could just be me panicking but the darkness has seemed to get worse...

Update: I noticed sticky ooze coming out of her mouth.. I can’t tell if it’s her mouth or nose... I noticed it when I showed her the water earlier..

-Update 2: I’ve given her a good amount of water... she’s drinking quite a bit... which is useful as I have probiotics, acidifiers, and electrolytes in it. Unfortunately some of the symptoms of blackhead are increased thirst, decreased appetite, lethargy, and, well, black head.. Not trying to pick a disease and base her symptoms off of the disease to look for problems per se, but that’s the closest thing I can find. I’ve given her water and she has stood up now and she seems slightly more energetic... prayers appreciated.

—Update 3: she ate a few bites of food from my hand. I’m giving her that cooked egg now. Fries (no oil),cut into fine pieces. Put some small seeds (black oil sunflower) in with her food, better something then nothing, the protein will do her good...
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