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  1. W

    SW MI-Rhode Island Red—Hens for sale.

    Beautiful free range hens. 18m and laying well. Ready to thin down our large flock. Have up to 50 ready to go. 25$ each or group deal.
  2. meepANDpeep

    TINY BANTAM - NC - Silkie Mix Chicks for Sale

    ABOUT THE CHICKS: I have 10 chicks and 10 more on the way under my broody. Some are white (these might be the only full-silkies, as my silkie roo is white and they came from my full silkie hen's eggs). The rest, I assume, are random silkie mixes. Some appear to be splash or something similar...
  3. C

    Pair of Jungle Fowl Mixes for Sale - Knightdale, NC

    I currently have a pair of Jungle Fowl, Ameracuana, and Cochin mix chickens in need of a new home. They are super handle-able and people friendly. We hand raised them after finding a rat snake eating the eggs in the nest as they were hatching, but it's time for them to go to someone else's flock...
  4. MysticUniKitty

    Texas- Rabbits, Gerbils, and their supplies for sale

    We are moving from our farm back to the city. They have limits on animals on the property and so some of our animals have to find new homes within the next month. We are located on the East side of DFW. Available: 2 female gerbils, free, cage and accessories available for $40. I have 3 rabbits...
  5. Jessica Jones

    4 Guinea Fowl For Sale $25 each Must buy all 4

    Selling 4 of our Guinea Fowl $25 each must buy all 4, they are 5 months old. Located in Readyville, TN, About an hour away from Nashville.
  6. J

    NH- 3 Nubian cross goats for sale

    Hi everyone, We have a trio of Nubian cross goats available (2 are Saanen X Nubian and the other is Nubian X Nubian). They are roughly 5 months old, very friendly, disbudded and the doeling is registered. There’s two wethers and a doeling. We are in Nottingham, NH.
  7. H

    3 Cream Legbar Pullets for sale - Southern NY

    10 weeks old, $15 each. Greenfire Farms production line. Located in Big Flats, NY. Can't ship, but I'm willing to meet you within a reasonable distance.
  8. J

    New Hampshire- 7 chickens for sale- mini breed

    Hi everyone! We have 7 chickens available and they must go together (they are all related). Located in Nottingham, NH and willing to drive the chickens depending on distance! There is…. 1 mother hen- 1.5 years old- amay cemani, lays eggs everyday 6 chicks - born June 2021, 5 females, 1 rooster...
  9. J

    Mini breed of chicks for sale in NH- mile fleur D’Uccle X Cochin

    Hey guys! We are a local dairy goat farm located in Nottingham, New Hampshire that sells all natural bath and body care products, including goat milk soap! We have three Mile Fleur d’Uccle X Cochin chicks available that are a week old and a few more that will be hatching out next week! They are...
  10. KikiDeAnime

    Cayuga/Khaki Campbell ducklings WA State

    Battle Ground, WA All 9 ducklings are a week old as of today and I really need to find them homes. Been posting everywhere, craigslist, facebook, at farm stores nearby, etc.. $4 each, minimum 2 ducklings. So far nobody wants them because they're not sexed. We're keeping the runt duckling so...
  11. EmRip

    Ducks for sale, Quakertown PA

    Baby Pekin ducks for sale. I hatched 13 and am willing to sell 9. Let me know if your interested Minimum number of ducks is two. Asking $12 a duck. Born June 15th, 2021 Located in Quakertown Pa. Not willing to ship, sorry.
  12. ThatChickenLady708


    Hello! I have 2 Barred Rock Bantams that I need to re-home. They're about 4 months old & little sweethearts.. I just have TOO MANY ROOSTERS! 🤣 They're great guardians (they always alert when something is near), they're fairly docile (they don't like to be picked up, but love to be hand fed)...
  13. ThatChickenLady708


    Hello! I have 2 Barred Rock Bantams that I need to re-home. They're about 4 months old & little sweethearts.. I just have TOO MANY ROOSTERS! 🤣 They're great guardians (they always alert when something is near), they're fairly docile (they don't like to be picked up, but love to be hand fed)...
  14. Avogel1991

    Chicken in need of a home Kansas City Missouri

    I have a 2 almost 3 month old Black polish that we are not allowed to have in KC due to legal restrictions. We hand raised him as a chick from birth so we had no idea what sex he’d be. He’s very friendly and loves to perch on your hand. He’s be great for any breeder or anyone who wants a rooster...
  15. hyldemoer

    Liege Fighters/Luikse Vechter

    The following birds are for sale in North Central Florida. One hen is 2 years old and all remaining birds are just over 1 year old. PICK UPS only; we do not deliver. Please contact me for pricing.
  16. T

    Established Flock For Sale - Indiana

    I'm selling 33 hens 2 & 3 years old. There is one rooster included in that count. They are mostly ISA Browns and 5 or so of different breeds. Please contact me with questions.
  17. Quacking ducks

    Barnyard mix ducklings in Kansas

    I have five ducklings for sale that are 5 days old as of this post. They are $7 each. They are extremely energetic and are a variety of breed mixes, see photos for markings (silver appleyard, Pekin, golden welsh harlequin, Silver Swedish, Blue Swedish, Silver welsh harlequin, Aylesbury...
  18. D

    Easter Eggers, 11 weeks

    I hatched a dozen chicks and I got quite a few non-frizzle pullets. They'll still have colorful eggs though, and their genetics include Ameraucana (black and white splash + blue eggs) and Black Copper Maran with deep chocolate and maroon eggs. They're from local breeder Open Gate Farm's large...
  19. Redtail11

    Canadian Geese Available

    Hi everyone, these incredible birds are the 8-12 pound Canadian subspecies. Can be bought as unrelated or related. First clutch to hatch will be taking place very soon this late April 2021. More will continue through late May. Order now and get on the list before they are sold out. 50 eggs now...
  20. Quacking ducks

    4 Ducklings for sale

    I have four adorable little ducklings for sale at $7 each! The ducklings are about one week old as of when this was posted. There are three Rouen mix ducklings (yellow and black) and one welsh harlequin and most likely appleyard mix duckling (yellow). We can’t tell you for sure what they will...
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