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  1. Gerby26

    Muscovy drakes available MA

    I have 3-4 month old muscovy drakes who need new family's, 2 would make perfect pets(silver and chocolate), the silver drake is the most tame, chocolate is tame, other white is a good large drake but hes just skittish around people. Located Agawam MA. Can go seperate. Re-homing fee for each...
  2. CayugaMama

    Cayuga Hen For Sale - Austin, TX

    We will be selling one of our Cayuga hens. She is absolutely beautiful, very friendly, funny, and affectionate (for a duck at least)! She is 3.5 months old.
  3. MichiganSilkie

    Silkie Pullets for Sale in SE Michigan

    These blue girls are too cute! We would love to keep them but we can't keep them all! This is a great way to get started silkie pullets without having to go through the guesswork of raising day-old chicks. These little ladies were hatched on our farm on 5/3/20. As with all of our chickens...
  4. JJchiknshak

    Grey Call Ducks for sale in Northern Wv. 1 Hour from Pittsburgh

    Hello! I have a brood of 6-week old grey call ducks. 3 are up for sale, 2 sisters, and their brother. Mom (Whitney) is a snowy, and Dad (Chico) is a grey call. The babies are beautiful. I don't handle them, but I hand feed them so they aren't totally hand shy. They are very inquisitive and...
  5. D

    New, in need of Lavender Bantam Cochin Pullet

    I am in need of a special Lavender/Blue Cochin Bantam pullet, but i can't figure out where you can purchase these other than as baby chicks. I have utilized local craigslist and local backyard chicken groups and advertised my need with them but to no avail. I would be willing to have them...
  6. Chalupathequail

    Looking for Young (Snowflake) Bobwhite Quail

    One of my two snowflake bobwhite quail that I hatched just a month ago, passed away last night. Seemed like it was peaceful, in his sleep. I'm devastated. 😢 I have no clue if it's even possible, but would anyone have any idea where I could even start looking to find a place/individual that...
  7. E

    Rosters for Sale / Adoption - NE Illinois

    I have 4 Silke and 1 Bantam Rooster all in need of a new home. All about 12 weeks old. 1 Cinnamon Silke 2 Black with Brown crest Silke 1 Black Silke 1 Red Bantam local pickup only
  8. Syd_thechickentender

    Help re-home roosters (FREE)

    I live in florida in a city that goes by the name of North Port. However, there is a problem with my flock. I own two roosters, and the city does not allow roosters. Been on the search for about a couple weeks now to see if anyone would be willing to take them. I am not looking for a price, just...
  9. C

    1-Week Old Production Red Chicks

    Straight-run of 8 production red chickens (dual-purpose) for sale in Sarnia, ON. 7 hatched June 25-26, 1 hatched June 28. Grown chickens also shown are older siblings.
  10. B

    Bantam Salmon Faverolle 3mo. Cockerels For Sale

    Hi, I am a 4-H member selling 3 mo. old Bantam Salmon Faverolle Cockerels. They are very good natured, curious, and have never pecked me. Bantam Salmon Faverolles are a very rare breed that I am working to preserve, so I would appreciate some extra roosters being taken off of my hands. They are...
  11. Thenino

    Dark Egg layer hatching Eggs- Metro Atlanta

    I have eggs that are a mix of a Lavender Marans rooster and eggs from Lavender, Cuckoo Marans, Welsummer & Barnvelders hens. $25 per dozen. Let me know if you are interested and I will collect and keep them in a cool dry place and rotate twice daily. Thanks! Fertilized eggs for sale in...
  12. Thenino

    Green & Dark Brown Layer Chicks Available- Metro Atlanta

    I have chicks for sale in Atlanta GA. Dark chocolate/speckled and green egg layers chicks available. These are straight run, $15 each. (meaning I don’t know if they are hens or roosters). These chicks are the offspring of a Lavender Marans rooster (Dark chocolate layer) and dark/speckled or blue...
  13. L

    Young quail available in Southeastern Michigan / Detroit Metro Area

    I have 12 young coturnix quail that I need to get rid of because of an unexpected move. They are about 6-7 weeks old, and I have not sexed them yet. No eggs yet. Asking $4 per bird to offset feed costs so far. Various colors, some gray, brown, tan, tuxedo. Super cute little guys. I can drop...
  14. R

    ISO magpie call ducks for sale

    Hi I'm searching for magpie colored call ducks for sale. I can pick up in New Jersey or if they could be shipped to New Jersey that would be great! Thank you!
  15. R3M1X

    Norlina, NC: Lavender Orpington and Lavender/Sapphire Gem cross roosters available

    I have 7 roosters, but for now I want to rehome/sell these three first. 1 year old Lavender Orpington roo, named Philip. His girl was killed by an owl the day before Christmas so he has been a little lonely in the flock. He is a sweet boy in need of hens of his own. He is getting picked on by...
  16. MysteryChicken

    Selling Silkie Chicks This Spring. (Michigan - Tawas Area_UPDATED)

    Hello, I'm selling Silkie Chicks for the first time. Some chicks may not be pure Silkie, but I promise most will be pure Silkie. Silkies priced $1.00 each. Silkie mixes .50c each, if there are any. Eggs Due To Hatch on Easter.:jumpy:bun Some eggs will hatch on the 22nd, due to having to...
  17. superduckrescue

    Ducks in need of help ASAP- Dallas

    Our rescue was just contacted by somebody in Dallas who found two dumped female ducks. She lives in White Rock. She said the ducks have clipped wings and kids were chasing and beating them with sticks. She has them at her house but can't keep them permanently. If anyone could temporarily house...
  18. Aleelupton

    Olive Egger Barnyard Mix + Serama Hatching Eggs For SALE

    I have an over abundance of fertile hatching eggs every week and end up giving them to family and friends to eat. •I have fertile hatching eggs from an Olive Egger Roo and the following breeds: Easter Egger Blue Ameraucana Olive Egger Barred Plymouth Rock Lavender Orpington Welsummer Speckled...
  19. Beacon Point Ratite Ranch

    Where can I buy ostriches?

    Does anyone know a reputable place in the USA, preferably on the east coast, that sells ostriches or ostrich hatching eggs? I'm getting ready to actually buy my first ostrich for my ranch, but most of the places I find in my google searches either seem sketchy, don't sell live birds or hatching...
  20. Thanksmardell

    Looking for American Buff Geese in Western Washington

    Hello, I lost 2 of my beloved American Buffs to a predator yesterday. I am so very sad. Looking now for a partner or a couple in Western Washington for my remaining girl. Can anyone help? Best Regards, Tami
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