1. Farmer Connie

    Have you hugged your Rooster today?

    Had a couple nice folks come by the farm today to look at some chickens we're selling. My Big Boy Barred Rock Roo comes in to see me. I pick him up with zero resistance from him and cuddle and pet him. The couple looked at the un natural spectacle with amazement. His name is Dr. Pepper. A giant...
  2. Anne21

    Starling for adoption

    Rescued starling looking for loving home. Very friendly. Raised from baby.
  3. SoldierSailor

    White Silkies for Sale $30 for Both

    We have a pair of adult white silkies hens for sale. Dottie and Darla are about 18 months old. Still laying irregularly. They free range during the day and get locked in after 5-7pm Must go as a pair. Darla is really attached to Dot. $30 for both must pick up in Oceanside 760 419 0507
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