muscovy ducks

  1. S

    Adopted Muscovy Ducks

    i just adopted 3 adult Muscovy ducks. 2-Drakes and 1-hen. I brought them home and put them in the chicken coop. How long should I keep them locked in before I allow them outside to free range around the yard?(live on 10 acre farmstead) Previous owner said the drakes get along, is there an issue...
  2. The Cobb Farm

    Muscovy ducks and laying eggs

    Hello, I could use some advice. I have three Muscovy ducks.. one male and two females. the females have been laying eggs for about 3 months now and in the beginning I would go out in their Coop every morning and collect the eggs and they really didn't seem to care what I was doing. but recently...
  3. H

    Adult Muscovy with neck problems

    My 3 yr old muscovy male has developed a neck problem in the last 3 months. He can no longer lift his head above his body. He frequently rests his head on the ground. The radiologist says he shows signs of inflammation in his neck vertebrae. Unfortunately neither the radiologist nor any of...
  4. Z

    Muscovy Ducks

    Hi I'm new here and I was wondering something. I just got Muscovy ducks 2 days ago (They were about 4 years old on my uncles farm) and we kept them in a cage for about 2 days, They had food, water, and everything. When we got everything settled and let them out they ate food, groomed themselves...
  5. S

    Muscovy mama not paying attention to other eggs.

    I have a muscovy mama that hatched 3 of her 13 egg clutch that seems to be paying less attention to the remaining. She hasn't booted them and still sitting on them. They look like they are ready to hatch. I'm worried that this isn't normal and don't want to lose the remaining ducklings. Any...
  6. HansonFan

    Muscovy not laying

    Hey Y'all - I've often found myself reading these forums as I've begun my adventures with poultry, so I finally decided to join to try and find an answer to my question. My muscovy 'hen' has not yet laid any eggs that I'm aware of. She is definitely a female, as she is smaller, smaller...
  7. Tiny-plants

    Muscovy duckling story (and questions)

    So... backstory.... I found a male muscovy dead in a pond and found it suspicious, ended up finding a duckling be itself in the pond frantically peeping and being ignored by the other ducks. Being the bleeding heart I am I couldn't bare to see the little guy hurt, especially seeing all the...
  8. Tiny-plants

    Im new here!

    I figured it was about time I got an account on here, seeing how I have used it so frequenly in the past year! Im Kasey! I have 4 lovely egg laying hens, two rhode island reds and two barnevelders named Ruby, Chika, Henrietta, and Little! Also a new addition of a moscovy drake duckling, named...
  9. MissCJ

    Muscovy Caruncle Falling Off?

    Hello everyone!! I have a 2 year old Muscovy hen named Evie (the princess of the mini-farm over here) and it appears that her caruncle bean located on the very tip of her face is falling off? It is only attached in one spot, which is very thin. She hasn't injured it and it isn't bugging her...
  10. ladyh

    Muscovy duck hen question..

    My Muscovy hen laid a bunch of eggs and started brooding the first week of April...3rd week of May hatched two died in shell rest turned black and two survived but the one died. So she has one little one following her...She is now laying more eggs that normal for her to start...
  11. angiegorham17

    Need help with assisting a Muscovy.

    My Muscovy eggs have been working on internally pipping for near 3 days now. Yesterday the one started peeping at me. But still no external pip. I was going to do a small hole near where I see him trying to break through but the egg is so tough, any pointers?? I was using tweezers, and I think...
  12. Muscovygirl426

    Facebook page

    Come check out a new Group page on Facebook for Muscovy ducks to post stories, experiences, advice, and ask for help others with their muscovys. Look us up by searching Muscovy Ducks
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