muscovy ducks

  1. W

    Drake or duck please

    Wandered in from a sleet storm last night. I separated it from the hens in the hens coop but if it's a male I'd like to room it in the rooster Coops. Both have space....maybe it will wander back home. Fell in love already so I hope not though.
  2. rainbowflight

    Two 3-year-old female Muscovy ducks, Southern California

    Hello! I am looking to find a new home for my two 3-year-old female Muscovy ducks. I have had them since they were ducklings but won't be able to keep them any longer as I am moving away. If you are interested and near Orange County / Los Angeles / San Diego area, please let me know!
  3. Quacking Pigeon’s Birds

    Quacking Pigeon’s Birds

    My Poultry - Quacking Pigeon Hello fellow humans :frow. So you are most likely here because you wanted to see what poultry I have or just ended up here. Well here’s something about me, I live in New South Wales, Australia. I have been showing ducks since 2017, I know it hasn’t been long... So...
  4. dirtydunlops

    Meet my Muscovy Ducklings-any guesses on sex?

    So this morning I got 4 Muscovy ducklings from a neighbour. It’s colder weather and the mama duck did not have a good track record with taking care of babies, so she didn’t want to worry about them. So I took them in and I’m in love :love Anyway, here’s some pictures and maybe you could help...
  5. Hamaarahof

    Hello from Alberta, Canada

    Thanks for adding us. We run a hobby farm in western Canada. I grew up with exotic fowl from peacock to Emperor geese, to regular chickens and ducks of different breeds. It is not so exotic for us now. We focus more on heritage breeds and have a handful of SL Wyandottes, heritage ducks and Rex...
  6. Minjojojo

    Muscovy Ducks in Ridgefield NJ?

    Hi all, I’ve been looking into zoning laws and even NJ Fish and Wildlife website but can’t seem to find exactly whether I can keep Muscovy Ducks in my backyard. I found this ordinance that says chickens are strictly forbidden! At But there is no mention of Ducks...
  7. S

    Hello from Wellington, Fl

    please see my thread...lonely male Muscovy
  8. I

    Whiting True Blues

    Hello! I'm fairly new to the backyard flock, having 10 hens, 3 Guineas, and 12 Muscovy ducks. Two of the chickens are Whiting True Blues that are approaching 30 weeks and have not started laying. Their clutch mates began laying at @ 24 weeks. Does anyone have any experience with them that they...
  9. Jayecookie

    Barred Rock Hens or Muscovy Duck sellers near Cooper city Florida?

    Looking for 0-20ish week old Hens and or baby Muscovy ducks want one male and the rest to be females. I am willing to drive up to two hours to collect.
  10. H

    My newly brought Muscovy ducks are not eating, and afraid to move around in my yard

    I had brought 6 Muscovy ducks( 2 male, 4 female), all of them are around 7months old; 2 of the males are undergoing changing the features. I had brought them in with my 2 geese and 3 chicken in my back yard. I have given them maize and wheat, but they are not eating. it ends up the male goose...
  11. GeoGreyWolf

    My Duck Story so far... Help Needed

    Hello all I am new to the site. Figured I would tell my luck on raising ducks. About three years ago, my wife and I got 2 Peking ducks to raise (she has raised ducks prior, me never). We had a success with them and let them free range in our backyard, one night something dug under the...
  12. George McLaughlin Jr.

    George McLaughlin Jr.

    Howdy folks, It seems like ages since I've joined a new Internet forum! I was looking at Backyard chickens as a resource we could recommend for people who are new to chickens, and decided it looked interesting enough to join. My wife and I have been keeping poultry most of our lives. For...
  13. muscovy573

    Muscovy ducks!

    So years of having chickens I have wanted to take on a trio of ducks. After lots of research and calling around I fell in love with the Muscovy ducks! After months of trying to find the right bird (I wanted barred and pied ducks!) I finally found the best lookin trio! Now, I have raised...
  14. K.Riggs

    Cayuga x Muscovy gender help??!!

    Hi, I got these lovely little mules today for $10. Very sweet, so quiet. Any idea what gender? I tried to get girls, these were smaller, less upright, no green on the backs only wing tips. They are 8 months. They barely make a noise when the quack because of the Muscovy it's a squeak quack.
  15. DakotaDreamer

    Help! Is my muscovy a boy or girl? Almost a year old.

    About 3 - 3 1/2 months ago I bought 3 muscovy females after finding out that two of my four ducklings were drakes. I think that Venus is a girl but am not sure. A little info on Venus: She was born in October 2016, she weighs 6.6lbs, she keeps mounting all of my ducks(except boys), I do not know...
  16. H

    Young Muscovy duck with diarrhea

    I was given two young Muscovy ducks (male and female) by a neighbor whom I'm farm sitting for. The male was being severely picked on by an older male duck and possibly a rooster that they were housed with. All his tail feathers had been pulled out and his bottom was picked at till it bled. I...
  17. Melissa Harris

    Muscovy ducklings- do not want to leave their house

    Hi, I'm new to duck ownership and I was wondering if it is normal for my 3, 5 week old Muscovy ducklings to prefer to sit in their house all day. They will come out when visited with food, and love their "pond" (kiddie pool), but will head straight back inside after their snack and and swim. Is...
  18. B

    Injured Muscovy Duck

    Hello everyone! We are very new to keeping Muscovies.. we've had four chickens for about twelve months and a month ago took on a flock of four duck hens and a drake. All is peaceful between the nine birds, with no integration issues. When they arrived, I noticed the white hen (the rest are...
  19. clucknquack

    Muscovy eggs for trade/sale

    Hello all! Would anyone be interested in doing an egg swap? I have Muscovy ducks. The father is black pied. The mothers are blue pied and chocolate pied. I want some new genetics and new colors to add to my little flock. I really want all black/wild type, self blue (or any self color)... But...
  20. S

    Potentially Ill Muscovy- Unsure and Looking for Advice

    Hello, I currently have seven Muscovy Ducks (six female, one drake) from two different families that have lived together happily thus far. The drake and two females are three years old, and the other four girls are just over one. Though they do not share their sleeping quarters, they are pen...
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